Sew what's happening?

I bought a sewing machine a little over a week ago.  I’ve wanted to become involved in sewing for a long long time, but just never thought of trying it.  Now I am about to take a giant step and try my hand at sewing.

My first sewing experience was not a good one.  I remember it well… it was junior high home ec.  The horrible grade seven math teacher who did know a lick about sewing was in charge of the class.  I remember practicing on this little piece of blue canvas all the stitches my machine could make.  My square was a horrible mess.  She then made us sew another little piece of blue fabric on the back and stuff it, add an elastic and there you have it a wrist pincushion.  I had to look at the horrible stitch mess I created the rest of the month.  We were suppose to create a pillow that was our initial, but she got sick and the substitute didn’t know how to sew at all, so we sat at the tables.  I’ve never sewed since.

But as I mentioned I’ve always wanted to.  Bought myself a great machine with the help of my friend Anne, enrolled in a sewing class, dragged my husband to the fabric store for a long time (hours in fact), and got all my supplies.  And yet, I haven’t sewed a thing.

This blog is my journey into the sewing world.  I’m going to share stories about how my “creations” are coming and what snags I’ve hit along the way.


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