Sewing Attempt #1: Pincushion

Last night I attempted my very first sewing project – the PINCUSHION.  When my friend Anne took me to this great store to buy all my supplies the one thing I didn’t get was a pincushion.  I thought, sure I could spend the $0.79 and get the traditional tomato one, but I HATE tomatoes, so maybe I’ll try to make one, after all it was my first project in grade 7 how hard could it be?

So with that in mind I decided to find an easy pincushion pattern that I would be able to make on my first attempt.  There is an amazing amount of pincushion choices out there…many, in my opinion, UGLY!  Then I came across the funky chicken.  It seemed simple enough, 2 pieces of 4×4 fabric, stiff felt for the beak, tail and top thing.  Should be able to give that a go, especially if I didn’t try the log cabin quilting pattern.  I did however try to make a multicolored chicken, but had much difficulty with sewing a straight seam so when I cut the sewed pieces apart, like the pattern said to, it didn’t form a square anymore.  I didn’t think I could salvage it, so I started again.  Once again getting my trusty rotary cutter out – which by the way is tricky to use for a first timer some how it gets away from you and gone is your straight edge, which is the whole point.  After a little while, I managed to create my very own funky chicken pincushion.  I think it looks pretty good too.

Funky Chicken Pincushion

Learned today:

I need way more work on the whole idea of sewing straight.  I’ll keep practicing on the cut up sheets Nate brought me.



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4 responses to “Sewing Attempt #1: Pincushion

  1. Nathan

    Nice chicken. I want you to hem my pants now.

  2. countrygirlcouture


    I found you blog while “tag surfing”….Looking forward to seeing more of your sewing projects!

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