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I have some good news… I got a job!  I start in October for a lady who is taking a mat. leave.  Right now I don’t know if it is until the end of the school year or until sometime in March.  Either way, I’m excited about it.

To celebrate, my husband treated me to a wonderful gift.  A sewing book I’ve had my eye on a while, Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. It is a wonderful book, with so many projects and it includes patterns in the front and back of all the projects. I’ve read through the book and it has amazingly helpful information about setting up a place to sew at home, resources in the back, and an sewing basic chapter that has great information for the beginner sewer.  I found the fabric section very helpful.

Why am I talking about this book?  For one, I think it is a book everyone who sews should get.  The projects are designed to be completed in a day or over a couple of days.  The second reason I am talking about this book is because it got me thinking about my sewing space.

Nate and I were talking the other day of converting our home office into a workshop.  We haven’t used the space as a home office since… we probably moved in.  I tried not to bring a lot of homework home with me, so it gave me more time with Nate and Nate never brought work home because we didn’t have the right software for him.  Once the laptops came… I’m sure you can understand.

Office Before

Now, comes the hard part for me… trying to plan and design a space that I can use as a sewing centre and a place where I can also paint.  I know I want yellow walls – that is as far as i have gotten.  I found a great website that gives hints and tips to designing a sewing centre  I’ve looked online at sewing cabinets, craft centres, and a plethora of other things.  In the book, Weekend Sewing, the author shows this amazing computer armoire that was converted into a sewing armoire, and I fell in love with it.  So I’ve been hunting for one that would work.

But this leads me to a very important question.  Which way should a sewing machine go?  Should it sit on something and face a wall (which I have seen a lot of online)?  Or should it be almost L shaped and have it to that the fabric can flow over the table and on to the floor, if you have a big piece?  Is it personal opinion?

What is your sewing set up?  If you don’t mind my asking.



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2 responses to “Sewing Room

  1. Bec

    LOL! My sewing space takes up nearly 500 sq ft basement (if you ask my hubby)…..however, if I were better organized it would only take up a 10×10 room, excluding the ping pong table that I use as a cutting table, of course. I HIGHLY recommend a sturdy table to put your machine(s) on. I sew as fast as my machines will allow, and sometimes I have to slow down because my plastic folding table (like you see at schools) will start to jump around–especially with the serger. Organizing fabric stashes can be challenging–I use a huge dresser with a drawer for Knits, one for “muslin” fabric, and one for wovens, there’s also a drawer for fabrics for projects for the kiddo. The same dresser has a center section with doors on it that I put patterns in, but someday I’d like to have a file cabinet for them. You might discover if you use scissors for cutting (vs. a teeny rotary cutter and a mat) that you prefer the lines on a linoleum floor to help determine if you are straight and give you something to line up with. Get the wooden wall rack for your threads so that you can easily see what you need, and also so that you take up less of your floor/cabinet/closet space that otherwise would be taken up by “thread organizers” in box form. And yeah, I like the L setup–with my ironing board set up at the end of my sewing table, but you have to work with what you’ve got. Sorry about the length.

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