Sewing Attempt #4: Tool Apron

After spending the morning looking around furniture stores for ideas for my workroom, I went home and was itching to get sewing.  I once again wasn’t sure what to start but it seemed like the red canvas and black and white cotton was calling me to finally make the tool apron.  It was one of the first patterns and projects I saw in Sew What! Bags.  I knew I wanted to make it, and when I dragged Nate to the fabric store I spent a lot of time picking just the right fabric to make the pockets and hunted every where for the perfect canvas.  I knew the apron had to be black, white and red – one of my favorite color combinations.

I got all my gear ready to go, even remembered to set up the iron ahead of time – and off I went.  Once again I read all the instructions, but this time decided to make the apron that would be the perfect fit for me and did some remeasuring.  I also decided that today would be another practice day with the rotary cutter, and I must say I had much more success than I have in the past.  Molly wasn’t really interested in what I was doing so she assumed her regular “Jen is sewing” position, yes she is on her back with legs everywhere.


I cut out all my pieces, pressed them and made sure that matching pieces actually matched.  I did make an adjustment to the original pattern though and made the apron a little longer and a littler wider – I am not one blessed with a hip that is 16″ from side to side.  The pattern calls for a heavier material to be used because you are storing scissors and tools, like a canvas or cotton twill.  But the version I made had pockets made out of cotton, only because I had difficulty finding a great patterned canvas – the one in the store was an awful floral pattern, a HUGE floral pattern in dusty rose and pea soup green.  So I decided to line the cotton pockets with the awesome red canvas I found, in the back of the shelf, to reinforce them.  It didn’t make things any more difficult at all.  I enjoyed the freedom I had with figuring out what items I wanted to store in my tool apron and measuring out the size of the pockets.   Overall it was a pretty easy, straight sew.  I really focussed on keeping my seams straight and the seam allowance.  I was much more successful this time and extremely pleased with the outcome.  The trickiest part was the strap, simply because it was so long and I had some trouble keeping it from getting tied up and twisted.  And just after a dinner of Pineapple Chicken Kabobs I finished my tool apron.  I like it a lot and think it turned out really well – if I do say so myself.

The model in the one picture is my husband Nate, I thought he had better legs than I did to showcase it.

So, yet again Sew What! Bags came through with another great little pattern.

Tool ApronTool Apron 2

Learned today:

When reading pattern instructions, remember to either flip to the front or back of the book to the authors tip section – it just might give you a better idea of what the strap is suppose to look like.


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