Sewing Room…No STUDIO!

It has been decided, I am converting the office into a workroom, no wait a STUDIO!  Yes, that is what it will be called, a creative studio.  I hope I won’t have to try to fit all my music stuff in there too because it too is creative.  Anyways, since it is going to be converted it is getting a make over.  The other day I cleaned up the whole place.  Got rid of things I’ve never used, put the stuff I use on occasion in the hidden wall, and move the desk top computer to the closet.  It was a great start I thought.

Empty OfficeComputer Closet

I never liked the color in the room.  It doesn’t get very good light down there and the walls are a dark blue grey.  Nate said I could paint the room, so I hit the paint store, picked some possible colors and saw what they would look like.  I had it narrowed down to two subtle yellows.  I went back to the paint store and picked up sample colors to try.  On they wall they were practically the same.  So I picked the one with the better name…pale daffodil.

Pale Daffodil 2

Today I moved everything that was in the space out, and primed the wall, don’t know if I did a good job of the putting on the prime color, but I sure tried my best.

I’m going to try and sell the desk that use to be in there because unfortunately it doesn’t really work for what I’m hoping to do and it makes the room feel really little.

Tonight Nate and I are going shopping and looking at some possibilities for a sewing desk, cutting table and storage.  I have a table for my painting that I hope will work already so I don’t have to look for that.

If the primer is dry and I did a good job, maybe tomorrow I will start putting the yellow on.


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