Sock Monkey

Since my studio is not finished I’ve been sewing in my kitchen.  There is a big wire basket on the stool, no one can eat in the 3rd or 4th chair, fabric pieces in another wire basket on the floor, and little thread bits on the chairs.  It was getting to be a bit of a scene and since we were having our friend Anne over for dinner I decided I better put my gear away so she could sit at the table with us.  So I moved it all downstairs, now it is sitting in the mess from the office to studio conversion.

I haven’t had as much time to sew as I’ve wanted to in the past week.  I’ve subbed for a friend, helped another friend with his school and tomorrow am subbing at the school I’ll be working at.  So I’ve been sewing sock and glove animals.  I found this great book called Sock and Glove and another one called Stray Sock Sewing and have tried my hand at making a couple of them.  There are parts that have caused me some frustration like once the sock is filled trying to put on the button eyes and hide the knot and it seems to me that more and more I seek perfection and symmetry with things  so when one of them comes out a bit off it makes me crazy.  But overall I’ve enjoyed making them and have my eye on a cute zebra to try.

Sock Monkey 1 Sock Monkey 1b



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4 responses to “Sock Monkey

  1. Nathan

    I think you should make a sockodile.

  2. Jen

    I could try the sockodile, but I also want to try that sock tween that refuses to do his homework.

  3. Bec

    On your buttons, run the needle through the fabric directly underneath where you want to put the button (as though you were sewing it on) then run your needle through the button and sew it on as usual. The knot will be hidden under the button. Also try to match your thread to your button–not to your fabric–that will help too. 🙂

    • Jen

      Thanks for that I’ll give that a try on the next one. I appreciate greatly your tips and help. Matching to a button? I wouldn’t have thought of that at all – awesome tip.

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