Sewing First Class

Today, with much anticipation, came my first sewing class.  It was the introductory class, the class you should take almost, and I mean almost, as soon as you take the machine out of the box.

We went over what you need in your tool kit, thread, fabric, notions, bobbin winding, threading the machine, stitch length, stitch width, decorative stitches, and the parts of the machine.  Later on in the class, after lunch in fact we made a large tote bag to carry all our supplies – which I’ll get to in a moment.

I had some major trouble though today.  For whatever reason my machine decided to be difficult.  It wouldn’t mind the bobbin properly, then when I started to actually stitch the bobbin would LOCK and my machine would shut down for safety reasons.  I tried over and over again; the teacher even came over to try and help out.  But to no avail.  We thought maybe it was the thread, so I bought new thread – funny enough thread that matched my fabric anyways.  During lunch, I wound a new bobbin and tried again.  This time it wouldn’t jam, but it surely won’t stitch either.  What a disaster.  I was becoming so frustrated that I had to take a walk around the store and I skipped lunch trying to fix it – which wasn’t a good idea.

The lady who was teaching the class felt bad for me and let me use one of the demo machines in the store.  Which was so kind of her.  Let me just say this after using a different machine… I LOVE MY MACHINE!  And I want it to work again.

Anyways, I’ll take it in tomorrow to the dealer and PRAY they can do something for me.

While using the different machine we created this supply tote.  It is an amazing tote that fits the 24″ cutting mat and ruler.  I really enjoyed making it.  It was a pretty straight forward pattern to and I learned some great tricks with the rotary cutter, that as we all know is not my strong suit, as well as measuring and seam allowances which I never quite got.  I was really pleased with my final product and am planning to use it when I take myself to more classes.

Learned today:

I LOVE MY MACHINE.  Nothing works quite like it and I will never take it for granted again!!!

Tote bag

Tote Bag 2Tote Bag 3Tote Bag 4



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2 responses to “Sewing First Class

  1. Elaine

    Hi! I thought I’d just let you know that I took the plunge and got a sewing machine! Unfortunately it is still in it’s box and will probably stay there until October…crazy corporate challenge schedule! My first project that I’d like to complete before Christmas is personalized stockings for the entire family. Any suggestions? I do like your idea of taking a sewing class! Wish me luck!

    • Jen

      Hey Elaine.
      How exciting that you took the plunge. Was it the one that was on hold for you? When you are ready to take it out of the box and if you would like some help, I’d be happy to help out. Stockings – awesome. Let me see what I can find for you on the stockings department. Christmas fabric is already out and it looks amazing. GOOD LUCK!

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