Sew much to do, but sew little time to actually sew

Sorry for all the sewing mentioned in the title, but since I have not really had the chance to sew I’m feeling a bit deprived.  It was a very busy week for me.  I helped out at my friend’s school with the beginning band kids, then was off to my new school subbing for a couple of days.  During the evenings when I usually take some time to sew I’ve been even more busy.  I play in a saxophone quartet which rehearses on Monday evenings and I leave the band room and head straight for the gym for teacher/parent volleyball (which is a riot).  My friend Paula and I also enrolled ourselves into a Boot Camp which meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  On the evenings I was free I was TOO SORE from the boot camp to even sit and sew.  If I could sit it was a miracle and after shoulder day I couldn’t lift my arms to the table.

Friday, I came up with a brilliant idea of making a scissor case.  I am one of those people who try and keep their supplies really nice so I usually keep them in their boxes or containers until I use them and then they go straight back into them when I am done.  Well in their packages they don’t fit into any of the sewing boxes to bring your supplies to classes.  I looked online for patterns but didn’t find any that fit my ideas of what I wanted so I decided to try and make it.  After working on it for a couple of days I am sad to announce that they are not turning out AT ALL.  I am not pleased with them at all.  I can’t wrap my head around how to fix them and make them work.  So I am starting again.

In the meantime I am starting on a kit that I have to make a needle holder.  I’ll keep you posted.


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