I got some sad news this morning, my Great Grandma passed away.  She has been in a home for a long while now and unfortunately she hasn’t been well since she arrived and it has been getting worse in recent years.  The positive is that she is pain free, healthy and in a much better place.

I’m quite sad about it and lets just say my eyes are a lovely mix of red and puffy.  This morning was the time that I had set aside to finish painting the studio and decided that was exactly what I was going to do.  While I was painting I found myself thinking back to all the fun times we had with my Great Grandma.

I remember I was invited to this tea and luncheon with some of her friends.  My mom and I went because she threw the best tea parties.  We all sat around her big round table, mom made me dress up – which I was not pleased with – and sipped our tea until the quiche was ready.  I didn’t know what a quiche was, but it was something I will never forget.  She brought out this thing that was piled hight with broccoli and ham. I’m not a fan of broccoli at all, but I knew the only way to get her delicious dessert was to eat at least half of the quiche.  So I did and the dessert was worth it.  I loved being at the grown up tea.

I also remember that one day I got to spend the afternoon with her.  She had a great condo right by Edworthy Park and you could walk out of her place and right onto the path that took you along the river.  After playing with her Avon collection and playing dress up we took a walk along the river to the ice cream shop “LICS”.  She got me BUBBLE GUM, which was a favorite of mine.  Except I got sick, because I had way too much.  We spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the sofa watching movies until my mom came to pick me up.

Her Christmas celebrations were amazing too.  We would all, and I mean all of us – like 20-30 people, would all cram into her condo.  The adults would be in the main room while the kids would be sitting around the kitchen table on the high stools feeling like we ran the show, drinking chocolate milk out of these old school coca cola glasses until we couldn’t drink anymore.  She would stock the fridge with the stuff and you could open the door and all you would see was cartoons of milk.  Her Christmas food was too much describe.  Her table was full of delicious foods and ALL HOME MADE!  My favorite was the homemade cinnamon buns.  I could eat about ten of them – I might of.  No cinnamon bun since has ever tasted the same – alright my Grandma in Lethbridge  has a pretty mean one too.  My brother loved her homemade corn beef and brownies.

I am going to miss her like crazy.


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