Today was a Mixed Bag

I thought I was finished painting the studio, but it turns out I wasn’t.  I finished the walls the other day as I mentioned and got started on the trim.  On the walls there are these little rectangles out of trim and they are white, but by the time I was finished the yellow the trim turned into a white yellow color and didn’t have a crisp pop like I wanted it.  Yesterday I taped all the walls and floor and went to work on the trim.  I was so excited to be finished – then I noticed the YELLOW!  It was still showing up on the trim.  I had to buy more green tape, a new paint brush and start again.  Today, however, I think I conquered the TRIM!  I got it done and so far I can’t see the yellow.

Painting hands These are my hands after painting.  There is more on my arm, but I couldn’t take a picture  of my arm.

Paint Pants

And these are my painting pants.  They have been worn during the renovations of Nate’s first place before we bought our house together, and all the painting at our home.  I’m a bit of a disaster with a brush or roller.  – NOTICE THE PAINT ON THE TOE!!!

Because I finished my painting and cleaning the house I decided to reward myself with an afternoon of sewing my organizer.  The pieces are all cut out, pressed and pinned.  All I had to do was run it through the machine.  And that is where my day turned.  My machine started to act up AGAIN.  Just like it did at my sewing class.  I couldn’t believe it.  I tried to fix it like the lady at the store, I wound 3 bobbins thinking that may be the trouble, but alas – after TWO HOURS of ….. I don’t even know what to call it, I gave up.  The good thing is Nate was kind enough to offer to take it into the repair shop on the weekend. I’m going to take him up on the offer.  For now, it looks like I’m back to hand sewing.


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