Bible Block Adventures

My friend Anne told me about this quilting club that one of the churches hold once a month, called Bible Block.  She invited me to come along one Sunday afternoon and see if it would be something that I would like to do.

It was a lovely afternoon.  We arrived and was treated to a tea party.  It was wonderful.  Delicious tea and goodies to munch on while we visited, for me while I met people.  While people continued to enjoy their tea one of the ladies gave a little Bible study that would be the basis for the quilt that we would be working on.  This year’s theme “The Names of God.”  It was a wonderful study and I learned a lot.  Than the other lady showed us the quilt that we would be making this year – two versions of it actually, then shared with us the instructions for this month’s block and plans for the log cabins that fill out the quilt.  I was completely overwhelmed – especially the log cabins.

Anyways, a week ago I had an early dismissal day at school, which meant I could leave at 3pm.  I decided that I would head to a quilt shop close to the school to see if they had any fabrics that I could use to make my quilt.  I knew the colors I wanted, but not exactly sure how to execute them.  The ladies at the Bible Block meeting told me about this one quilt store and I had never been there so I was going to check it out.  Well, as the saying goes, “I came, I saw, I…. came up empty handed.”  It was a miserable trip for me.  They had some lovely fabrics but their help was lacking for sure.  I asked for assistance, but they were busy talking about their own quilts that they weren’t able to assist me.  So I left.  I was discouraged at that point and was making up my mind which snack food I should have to help me feel better….something from Lazy Loaf and Kettle or Lic’s Ice Cream.  I went with neither, instead I decided to drive to another fabric store where I knew I could find a ton of fat quarters (which is what I needed).  I got there and a nice lady, who I usually deal with when I’m there, tried to help me find what I needed, but we too came up empty because we both just weren’t sure what exactly we were looking for.  I was so discouraged, I even changed my color choices TWICE to try and find enough of what I needed – but came up empty.  So I packed up and went home.

I immediately emailed the folks at the Bible Block and asked a ton of questions to try to help me with my choices and to give me some more guidance on the blocks.  I tried to put my mind off of it for that Friday evening – which was hard for me.  Nate and I were going out that evening to an Art show that was featuring one of our friend’s wonderful and amazing art work.  Michele Bailey is her name and you should check out her work – I love it and if we had some money just hanging around we would have come home with a lot of pieces.  Once the show was done we walked back to the car and I stopped to look in the window of a quilt shop that was on the corner to see what their hours where because I decided I would try them Saturday morning for fabric for the blocks.  Amazingly enough it was open, so in we walked.  My intent was just to ask if there was someone available to help select some fabrics for the project or would at least be able to lead me in the correct direction.  The store owner, Linda, asked me what I was looking for and what colors, so I gave her my fabric shopping list and told her I was looking for teal, chocolate brown and a cream.  Immediately, she went to work pulling fabrics to see if they were the right colors.  Once we found the colors, she continued to pull possibilities of the colors.  Once we had the teal fabrics picks, we went onto the chocolate browns, then the creams.  It was amazing the help I had, I’ve never had help like that before when I have picked fabrics.  I usually wander around aimlessly trying to match things.  Linda was great, she asked me questions about what I thought I looked good or what matched better and reasons why.  I was learning how to pick fabrics while we were picking them.  After I was happy with the choices she cut the fat quarters right off the bolt and arranged them in the colors – they way they would look the best.

Browns Cream
TealBecause of the amazing help I got from Linda I will definitely go back to Rumpled Quilt Skins.  You should too!

This weekend while Nate is away I’ve been working on the Bible Block.  I cut all the strips for the log cabins.  Log Cabin StripsI also cut the first pieces I need for my first block.  I haven’t assembled them yet, but I’ve laid them out to see what they would look like.  I think it will be nice once it is together.  I’m happy with the combination I’ve come up with.  I’ll see what it is like once it is finally complete.

Bible Block 1 template


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