Sewing Attempt #6: Baby Blanket

As I mentioned before in my previous post, Nate got in early this morning and decided to sleep this morning until the early afternoon.  So after my Bible Block was complete I had to come up with something else to do to occupy my time.  Our neighbors just had a baby girl, five days ago actually and I wanted to make them a present with my new found sewing skills.  I looked online to find a simple baby blanket pattern and found a wonderful tutorial on the abmatic blog.  This afternoon I headed to the fabric store and found some wonderful flannel.  Since I didn’t have to rush home I took my time and wandered around, felt and looked at the fabrics, checked out the notions, eyed the buttons, browsed through the patterns and purchased my flannel.

When I got home Nate was still sleeping and I wasn’t quite ready to start the project.  When Nate finally got up we had lunch and started watching a movie that was on TV.  But we were interrupted by the phone – working calling to tell Nate that he had to come back.   So off he went, after the movie was over, I decided to try the baby blankets.

One of the directions where that I had to square up the fabric and then match the two together and make them the same size.  Funny, enough that was challenging for me.  Go figure.  I don’t know if it was because I haven’t been shown how to line up two different fabrics before, but to be honest I wouldn’t think it was too hard to make equal.  But I had a heck of a time.  The flannel kind of stuck together so it  was tricky to get lined up properly.  Do you square up one piece, then measure your other piece to match the first piece?  Or do you cut them both together?  I tried both ways, I’m not sure what I liked better.  Any other ideas from people about cutting the fabrics?   The blankets went together so easily that once I finished the first one, I just kept going and started the second one.

I really hope the babies like the blankets, I hope moms and dads like the blanket.

Baby Blanket 1 Baby Blanket 1a

Baby Blanket 2 Baby Blanket 2a

Learned Today:

Need to find a way to cut fabrics so they match in size and shape.



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6 responses to “Sewing Attempt #6: Baby Blanket

  1. Nathan

    I think you might need to make me a nice baby blanket, after you hem my pants of course.

  2. Nat

    Great blog Jen, I’ve just added it to my favourites list. you amaze me with all your talents!!

  3. Bec

    I’d probably cut both pieces simultaneously for something like that, right sides together so that all I had to do was pin and stitch. No futzing with trying to match up edges that way too!

    Your blankets are cute! 🙂 I’m sure that everyone will like them.

  4. Bec

    I am assuming of course, that they are just made with two pieces of flannel, not with any batting in them.

  5. Jen

    Thanks Bec, I’ll try that next time for sure. That would save time for sure. Appreciate the suggestion. You are right just two pieces of flannel no batting.

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