Life happens when you make other plans

So I said I would write on Saturday, then Saturday happened and then Sunday happened.  Now I have a few minutes before I leave for volleyball to write a few things down and share what I’ve been up to.

A while ago I mentioned that I was working on something for my mom’s birthday.  Well I made her an apron.  She always cooks with one on and no offense to her, some of them are not cool looking – sorry Mom.  So I made her one that has an adjustable strap.

Mom's ApronI found this crazy apple fabric in the home decor section, because I wasn’t a fan of the solid color canvas.  I wanted something with a little bit of flare.  I found the section around the arm a bit tricky because of the curve around the arm and trying to make a tunnel to run the strap through.  The ribbon was also a bit of a pain to work with.  I learned I have to turn it under to leave a nicer seam and not cut too close to the edge.  I try to be careful with how I am cutting and usually cut it pretty close to the amount – which usually gets me into trouble.  She said she really like the apron – but I don’t think she has used it yet – something about not wanting to ruin it or get it dirty.

I also made this fun mama elephant from this great book called Sew Everything Workshop. It is a wonderful book with very helpful tips about almost everything.  There is an in depth section on fabric, which includes what the different kinds of fabrics are, what they are made of, how they are woven and what projects they are good for.  There is also a helpful section on hand stitching and an amazing back section filled with projects that come with patterns.

I tried the elephant pattern.  The pattern was easy follow as were her instructions.  It made a cute little elephant.  Mama Elephant 1

Mama Elephant 2








I found this cute printed corduroy and matched some felt for the ears.  I have to put on the eyes still, but I can’t decide if I use buttons or just use embroidery floss.

I currently have quite a few projects on the go because I’m starting ones for Christmas and Christmas gifts.

Learned Today:

Have to figure out how to transfer the markings from the pattern onto the fabric.  They do list in the the SEW EVERYTHING WORKSHOP book, but I would love to hear what other have tried.



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3 responses to “Life happens when you make other plans

  1. Liz

    Jen, that apron looks great. I love the fabric. Thanks for leaving a comment for me about Veteran’s Day. I usually try to email people after they leave a comment for me, but I don’ have your email address. If your willing, send it to me so I can email you next time.

  2. Amy

    I always use tailor’s tacks to mark fabric. I find that the markers and chalk don’t always remov easily, if at all.

    • Jen

      Thanks Amy for the suggestion. I’ve read about that in a book I have and will give it a try. I appreciate your suggestion. Wishing you all the best.

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