Christmas is Coming….Christmas is Coming

Oh my word, Christmas is only 9 days away.  I cannot believe that it is almost here.  I am so excited!

I love Christmas so very much.  I love the wonderfully rich colors, the homey but spiced smells that fill the room, the glistening snow (though I could do without the -35 degree Celsius weather), friends gathering, the warm cracking fires, the Christmas lights and decorated tree.

We put up our tree the first week of December, good thing too otherwise it wouldn’t be up until next Monday – that is too late in my book.  I turn the lights on every time I’m home and can stare at it for hours.   Sometimes when I walk my Molly I take the route along the streets to look at all of the lights.

This year I’m feeling a bit of the pressure.  I’m done my shopping, but not done my projects – maybe I bit off more than I can chew.  But I’m going to do my best to get them all complete.  Yet, with this extra pressure I have complete peace and am not worked up too much.  If I was worked up – I would be unpicking each project about 12 times.

What are your favorite sounds, sights and smells of Christmas?


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