Christmas is 6 Days Away

I found this cute sweater at the pet store today as I was picking up a new squeaky toy for Molly.  She loved it so much that she ran away from me when I tried to take it off.  She even decided to pose for her photos.

She even loved her little jingle collar.  She strutted around the house with it on and took a tour outside to show the neighbours.  

Nate was out this morning at a class so today Molly and I hunkered down and worked on our Christmas projects.  We sewed up a storm and accomplished a lot today.  I can’t share what we were up to because we don’t want to spoil the surprises.  So instead I will share with you my almost finished quilt that I’ve been working on.

I took at class at the store in Calgary called My Sewing Room.  The class was called First Quilt and was taught by the shop owner Anne.  I picked this cute fabric from Timeless Treasure, APPLE.  The pattern we used was a simple Irish Chain.  The class was really enjoyable and I learned a lot of little tricks that have been useful in my sewing in the last few days.  I learned how to use the bias square, how to nest seams, how to read the quilting patterns.  It was great.  Last Tuesday was my last class in which we learned how to cut and piece out binding, how to maybe quilt the quilt (not sure what it is actually called) and how to finish the binding with the ladder stitch – which I was fortunate enough already to know.

What do you think so far?

Learned Today:

It takes a lot of safety pins to hold it together before you quilt it….like about 650.



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3 responses to “Christmas is 6 Days Away

  1. Nathan

    I’m glad to see that all the safety pins I undid were put to good use!

  2. Nat

    Oh Miss Molly, you look so festive!!!

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