Sewing Attempt #8: Tree Skirt

A little while ago I found a neat tree skirt pattern in a magazine that I picked up at the Super Store.  I didn’t like the fabric they used at all, but I thought it would look stunning in the Basic Grey: Figgy Pudding fabric…which if you hadn’t figured out I’m in love with.

I had to divide my fat quarters into 3 different groups.  “Dark Green” – for the 4 different patchwork trees, “Dark Red” for the patchwork squares that make up the majority of the skirt and “Light green and Red” which finished up the patchwork squares. Another evening while Nate was working late, I cut all the pieces I needed and put them into the baggies. Molly wasn’t much help that night.

Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time Christmas is 6 days away and the tree skirt is FAR from being done…maybe I’ll work on it after Christmas and have it ready for next year.


Tree skirts should be started BEFORE December.


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