Christmas is 5 days away…maybe 4 days depending how you count.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is really just a few days away.  I have less and less advent chocolate to eat with each passing day – yes, I know it is silly but I still enjoy the advent calendars – my mom gets one for me every year.

Looking back over the year it has been a crazy one, even if you just start counting from August it has been a roller coaster ride.  I became friends with a person I didn’t think I would ever become friends with, 6 people I know have had babies (a few twins too), 6 more people are expecting, I moved to a new school and unfortunately it has not been that easy of a transition, Molly has grown like a weed, my Great Grandma passed away, my other great Grandma just turned 99, Nate got his P. Eng, we purchased our first new car (Clement the Element – I can fit all my instruments into it), and I bought a sewing machine and haven’t looked back.

Goodness that honestly has all happened since August.  I remember well January – July too but we would be here forever.

It snowed again today, the light fluffy stuff and the snow flakes that landed on my jacket were so pretty.  Funny how I only seem to notice them around this time of year.  I guess for some people they only begin to act and feel a certain way around this time of year too – a shame really when I think about it.  As I write I’m wrapped up in a big blanket that my Grandpa and Grandma gave me, typing away in front of my Christmas tree and waiting for my lasagna to be finished – it smells wonderful, I might add.  I find it interesting how many, including myself seem to become reflective around this time of year.  Yes, there is the excitement about the presents that taunt you under your tree and about the amazing food that awaits you, but there is always that time when we look back and wish we did something different or remember something amazing, or wish we could forget something else.

What is the one reflection that you have?

The biggest one for me has only happened in the last week.  My friend’s husband is sick, very sick.  Early last week they said there would be no hope, that he would be listed in palliative care.  After much prayer, today they said they would look at treatment that there could be a chance to extend his chances and live with some comfort.  My reflection, after my backstory, is how amazing it is that when you think all hope is lost – a small shimmer of light (hope) appears in the distance.


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