Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your families.

With my new found sewing ability I decided to make a large majority of the Christmas presents this year.  I’ve been working feverishly on them between things going on throughout November and December.

My mom had asked me for a new lunch kit a while ago so I thought I would make her and my dad one.  The pattern was so easy that I ended up making four of them – Mom, Dad, Elizabeth and Grandpa all got custom lunch kits.

They were so simple, only took 2 fat quarters, some interfacing and a button.  The hardest part was the silly little bias loop I had to make.  Even though I followed the directions I still managed to somehow make them all different lengths so that the fabulous buttons that I originally picked out for each bag didn’t fit.  Good thing I have a button bin and could find replacements for them.

The trick for me was to cover some heavy cardboard with the lining fabric and stick them in the bottom so that the bags kept their shape.

I think I shared with you a while ago during my Foundation Piecing note, that I found this cute table runner pattern at the Creative Stitches Show.  Funny enough I have yet to make one for myself, but I made 2 of them as well as a variation on the pattern for a twist.  I found this wonderful fabric at My Sewing Room called  I Believe in Santa by Nancy Halvorsen.

I really enjoyed making them, but was often frustrated  with the “quilting” part.  I practiced my stitch in the ditch and with each one I made I got better at them.

Question for all of you… When you stitch in the ditch what foot do you use?

I tired it with the edging foot, walking foot and even found an actual stitch in the ditch foot.  They all have good things about them, but also bad things about them.

I loved the colorful fabric.  They made such wonderful trees.

After making two versions, I decided to switch it up a bit.  I decided to stack the trees in rows of three on top of each other.

The trunks caused me a little headache with the piecing because I had to modify the pattern and add some pieces and try to figure out how much fabric to take away and if I needed to take away any.  After two failed attempts and some poorly done math I got it sorted out.

However, there were two gifts that I didn’t finish.  The quilt tops are done, but the next steps I didn’t get done.  I guess I’ll get started on it soon enough.

Learned Today:

I really enjoy foundation piecing using interfacing instead of paper.


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  1. Nathalie

    I like the lunch kits!

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