Daybook Post #1

I was reading one of my favorite blogs from Cinderberry and she was participating in this wonderful thing called The Simple Women’s Daybook.  I went to The Simple Women who was encouraging people to join…so I did.  Each Monday I will be posting my daybook, which will will included in the category The Simple Woman’s Daybook.  Hope you enjoy. 

FOR TODAY January 17, 2009…

Outside My Window…all you see is the darkness of night and the chill rising up from the ground.

I am thinking…about tomorrow and knowing how hard the day will be, my thoughts are with my friend Paula

I am thankful for…my wonderful husband and silly little puppy.

From the kitchen…I smell the fresh buns we had for dinner.

I am wearing…my cozy sweat pants and hot pink home socks.

I am creating…a mess in my sewing room and dragging threads through the house.

I am going…to live everyday to the fullest so I don’t miss a second

I am reading…the Elm Creek Quilt series – a nice read.

I am hoping…that this will be a good week.

I am hearing…Nate, telling me how to be a good communicator and not to tell boring stories.

Around the house…there is a sense of home.

One of my favorite things…is my heating pack, I can be warm always.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: to get some sewing done, to have a good attitude at work.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

This is my wonderful puppy Molly.  She has had an exhausting day – puppy park, bath, and running around the house to get dry.  She has had enough.


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