What have you been up to?

Since Christmas break I’ve had busy week nights and weekends and haven’t done much sewing.  Which is unfortunate for sure.  I’ve missed being in my room and working.  My sewing room/studio is pretty much complete.  We put up the shelves and I organized the fabrics and all the notions I have.  The other weekend while I was stitching up a little bookmark for my sponsor child Sara, Nate put up my cutting/ironing table.  It folds down to give me more room in the room.  It works wonderfully so far.

I have done a lot of cutting though.  I cut out the fabric for my new wallet, the mail bag, and the next Bible Block of the month.  But didn’t until yesterday put anything together.  I have been hand stitching quite a bit though.  On the Happy Zombie Blog she made this cute little quilt with stitchery and it was a free pattern from Cinderberry Stitches.  So I went on over to Cinderberry’s blog and discovered she has a wonderful writing style and her patterns are too cute for words. I purchased a few of her patterns and even joined the BOM (Block of the Month) – Shake your Tail Feathers. While I was on the Happy Zombie Blog I found this cute pattern for a needle case – how fun is this Strawberry?What do you think of the Stitchery? If you want to view a larger picture, you can simply click on the image.

Yesterday was the first day that I actually sewed something on my sewing machine.  I needed a new wallet, I had gotten a beautiful one from a student about 3 years ago from Hong Kong, but after all the wear and tear it has now seen better days.  So I found a cute pattern from Lazy Girls at Earthly Goods in Edmonton (it is an awesome store).  It only takes one fat quarter and if you are careful with cutting you can make two from one fat quarter.  I used two fat quarters to mix up the patterns and now I can 4.  That pattern was very simple to follow and it only took about 30 minutes to do.

Learned Today:

Always make sure the a BOM tells you that it comes with fabric or pattern only – then you won’t have a big surprise when it comes in the mail without what you were expecting.


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