How Does One Begin an Online Fabric Store?

I’ve been thinking a lot in the last little bit that this new hobby of mine, might be turning into an obsession.  One in which I am seriously contemplating leaving my career at some point and opening my very one Online Fabric Store.  But I have no idea how to do that.  Can anyone help me?  I’m reluctant to do so, because I don’t want to take away business from these other wonderful stores online and in my city, but I am loving fabric and sewing so much that maybe I need to find something to do with that.

Here is the list of things I need to find out…

1. Where do I find a fabric distributor?  I have some inside information on that – so I’m not worried about this point – yet…just afraid to ask.

2. What is the start up cost going to be?

3. How do I get a website and set it up so that it takes payment and all that jazz?   Maybe my computer wiz cousin can help with that step.

4. What things should I offer?

5. How do I ship? Just in Canada or all over?

6. How can I market myself so that people will want to buy from me? 

7.  What about prices?

8. How much do I need to pull in to stay afloat?

I talked with Nate about this yesterday and to my amazement he said look into it….so I think I might start to.

I like teaching music a lot and I’m hoping there is a small chance that I will be able to get a high school position next year…that might put things on hold or completely cancel them out.  What do you think?


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  1. Jen this sounds great! I won’t be able to give you any advice on your potential new endeavor but I would like to consult you on fabric for re-upholstering old chairs, a scary project on the to do list for this summer.


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