Sewing Studio

My sewing studio is finished!  Above is a collage I made using  It was so easy to use and a lot of fun too.  Anyways, My room is finished and I couldn’t be more happy with it.  If you would like to see my sewing studio and see more images and detailed images just CLICK HERE!

Some features of my studio…

1. A table that is attached to the wall that folds down to save space.  I use it ironing (thanks to my portable ironing board) and cutting table.

2. A wonderful corner shelf system (Thank you Ikea and Nate who put it together) that stores my fabric and supplies

3. Glass jars that hold everything from fat quarters, buttons, zippers, bindings, thread and bobbins

4. Plethora of books and magazines to keep me motivated

5. Tubs of sample fabrics and bolts that my Grandpa gave me

I really enjoy being down there, though if there was one thing I wish I could have was an ipod dock so I could listen to my music while I worked.


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