Bible Block Adventures III

So far I’ve made 3 of the four blocks needed to my Bible Blocks project.  I haven’t shown pictures of a couple of them because I’m not overly happy with them.  I’m speaking especially of Block #2, man I could not match up my centers at all and I put it together and up picked it three times.  Finally I just left it and decided that I might try and fix it at the end when it is all over.

Over Christmas break I was suppose to make this block called God’s Eye…it was a lot of little pieces and seams – which naturally I had some trouble matching up, but I found recently that I wasn’t the only one.  That incomplete block is sitting in a ziplock bag waiting for me to be brave and give it the old college try again.

I did however decide to try the LOG CABIN.  I have been dreading it to be honest, but upon starting it, it became one of my favorite blocks.

January’s block was Jacob’s Ladder, which has now become my second favorite block.  It might also be because I’ve been reading a book that hinted that both the log cabin and Jacob’s Ladder were used as signals during the days of the Underground Railway to help slaves get to their next safe station.  I did some additional research on this and have discovered that there is no proof about that, but secretly I hope that it is true.

February’s block features a whole bunch of 1/2 square triangles (my favorite -NOT) and some embroidery, which I’m looking forward to.  Guess I better get picking the fabric.

Learned Today:

Make sure you know which fabric is “gray” on the pattern sheet and “white” on the pattern sheet so your log cabins are done properly.



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2 responses to “Bible Block Adventures III

  1. Liz

    I love the colors in these blocks!

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