Dream Landscapes

My friend Paula gave me a wonderful book called Dream Landscapes. I had borrowed it from the library and fell in love with the possibilities of doing landscapes.

The book has such wonderful pictures and I’ve loved to just flip through every so often to dream about what was possible and what I could possibly do.  A while ago my Grandpa gave me some of his sample fabrics, so the other day I decided to try making one of the landscapes, since I have a place on my family room wall which is crying out to be filled with something.  I started out with their starting one, a beginner project which introduces you to fast pieced applique.  The author’s instructions were simple to follow and I’m pleased with the project so far.

As you can see, I’ve pinned it to the batting and backing and now have to had the cording to hide the seams and embellish it a little bit.  I have to find the right yarn though.

I’m going to try the Might Oak next, I’m looking forward to picking through the samples to find the perfect colors.


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