BOM: Tail Feathers by Cinderberry Stitches

I’ve mentioned this before but I quite enjoy reading the blog of fellow quilters and sewers and have discovered some amazingly talented people.  And through these talented people I’ve been introduced to other talented people.  I quite enjoy reading what is going on over at TheHappyZombie. Monica has such neat little projects and through her I was introduced to Natalie the creator of Cinderberry Stitches.  If you haven’t seen her wonderful designs, I would highly suggest that you stop in at her blog and check them out.  I think they are so wonderful and cute and I immediately began to seek out Tail Feathers her BOM.

I was able to find the patterns in BOM, but wasn’t able to find one with the fabric that Natalie used when she made hers, which meant I have to dig around online stores and find Figtree’s fabric line Patisserie .  I found it in a few places, but many unfortunately didn’t ship to Canada.  So I had to order the pieces I needed from a couple of online stores.  I ordered the well before Christmas and the majority came from a wonderful shop in Australia and it came remarkably quickly.  However the two honeybuns I ordered from States came Monday – over a month later and the coupon which was included for another purchase has expired too.  😦  Oh well I have all the pieces now and have begun working on the first two blocks.  So excited about it.


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