Day Book Post #4

FOR TODAY February 8, 2010

Outside My Window…I can’t see much.  We are blanketed in a heavy fog, it’s a bit eerie actually.

I am thinking…about a way to be at home now not at school in my EXTREMELY COLD CLASSROOM!

I am thankful for…only two days of teaching this week.

From the kitchen…Unfortunately, I’m not in or anywhere near a kitchen, I’m in the dungeon (thats what the basement in the school is called).  If I where near the kitchen I would wish that the aroma of baking chocolate cake was lingering.

I am wearing…Unfortunately, not my comfy sweat and pink house socks, instead blue stripped pants and a white shirt (today at school is dark pants, white shirt and itchy ugly blue cardigan day)

I am creating…an action plan.

I am going…to try to get through the day with a good attitude, so I can go home quicker and go to my quartet practice.

I am reading…Elm Creek Quilt Series,   book 6.  Book 5 was pretty good too, still Number 3 is my fav.

I am hoping…that I will have a clear direction for the upcoming school year. (ditto week number 2 and 3)

I am hearing…a cacophony of sounds.  Water running, fan blowing, now a heater (I think) just went on, people coming in through the door, people griping about being here (no it isn’t me thank you), and stomping feet to get the snow off.

Around the house…I saw bowls of chips and snacks – Nate had a party while I was away.

One of my favorite things…is my new lap quilt top I made at quilt camp.  Can’t wait to share it with you.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: get through two days of school, figure out what to get Nate for a small Valentine’s present, and try to book some appointments.

Here is picture thought I am sharing… I’ll post it tonight from home…my computer here won’t let me.


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