Quilt Camp 2010

I think I’ve been to every type of camp that people generally make fun of.  For instance, I’ve been going to BAND CAMP since I was about 12 and thanks to those lame movies band camp has become the bud of a lot of jokes.  I’ve been to saxophone camp, similar to band camp, but only saxophone players go – and do you know that they ONLY talk about saxophone?  It was a bit too much for me too.  I’ve been to reading camp, where, you guessed it, you read.  And last weekend I spent my time at Quilt Camp.  Which I didn’t think was geeky at all, until some others started to point it out.  So I’ve added another title onto my geekiness, not only am I a band geek, I am also a Quilt Geek!

I went with my friend Anne and a lot of the ladies from the Bible Block Group that I am a part of.  It was held at the beautiful Pioneer Ranch Camps near Sundre.

I arrived Friday afternoon and once I had unloaded Clement (my Element), I got myself set up for days and evenings of sewing.  I visited with Anne for a couple of minutes, sharing how I had been stuck in the car wash that morning and then went straight to work.  Jan helped me figure out what could be possible with my jelly roll and what sort of modifications I would have to do to make the project work with the colors I had.  Once my map was colored I began the task of cutting.  And before the evening was finished I had finished cutting and had already begun piecing my strips together.

It was a wonderful time just working away and I was pretty focussed, only taking breaks for dinner, refills on my tea, and the wonderful stories Beth shared with us.  Anne and I headed to bed at about 11 or so, more like or so, but some of the ladies were still well at it.  I had to stop because my eyes weren’t working any more and I was making silly mistakes, since when can a 5″ piece work instead of a 6 1/2″ piece?

Being an early riser I was up and back to work by 7:30, giving myself about an hour before breakfast.  I decided to be efficient and match all the pieces together that needed to be together so that I could just chain them up and be almost like an assembly line.  I worked hard all morning and afternoon.  Though I took some time in the afternoon to go walking with Anne and Barb.

After the walk I was ready to work again, all my pieces were in their 6″ blocks and it was onto the design wall for me.  Alright, design floor because myself and one other lady were the only ones at that step so they hadn’t put it up yet.

Once I had finished rearranging I put it together and in the afternoon I was FINISHED!

It felt so nice to be done and have something I was proud of.  But that left me with a problem…..now what do I do?  Unlike the other ladies, I didn’t bring anything else to work on except my hand stitching so I worked on that for the rest of the evening and well into the night.  I, one of the youngest, went to bed earlier than anyone else.  Am I embarrassed about it?  Yes, a little bit.  It was midnight.  I was tired.  I had finished my project.  I hear some of the ladies were up till 3am trying to piece the strips together.

Sunday morning came and I decided I would sew the left over strips into rows that I could use in my backing and I made a label to include as well.

I think I’ll try to finish it this weekend, since for us it is a long weekend.


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