I Love the Mail

I have become obsessed with the mail.  I check it everyday when I come home from work, doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, I will check it.  If I have a day off and the mail comes I stalk the mail box and will visit it as early as possible.   Why you may ask.  Well, because quite a bit of the fabric, notions and patterns I have has been ordered online and comes through the mail.  Once I put in an order my mail box stalking begins.

I’ve ordered from quite a few companies and some I prefer over others.  There is one in particular that I will NEVER order from again.  One and half months to receive something that is listed as taking 10-14 days is just not cool in my mind.

Let me share a couple of things that has come in the mail.

Top Left going left to right:

1. A collage I can’t get rid of 😦

2. Molly helping look at the Honeybuns

3.Figtree Honeybuns

4 and 5. Fat Quarters

6 and 7. Simple Abundance Fat Quarter Bundle

8. Reflections of the Past Club (From Traditional Pastimes)

9. Fabric kit for the Reflections of the Past

10. Mini kit – blue Tuesday

11. Fat Quarter Samplers

12. Fat Eighths



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8 responses to “I Love the Mail

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve shown these pictures to my mailbox and now he is supremely jealous as he only ever gets to hold bills and solicitations.

  2. Well, I can see why you stalk the mail box! Lots of yummy stuff.

  3. Miss Molly sure likes to be helpful! 🙂

  4. jdpauls

    i think i can get a picture of you in your sweats, comfy and cozy on the love seat- Molly not far away. your fabric looks really beautiful. i think i might want to just have the fabric but no sewing.

    • Jen

      You’ve probably seen me in that outfit- though my shirt is my coordinated then before. I understand about just wanting the fabric, there are so many that are so nice, I would want them too even if I didn’t have a project.

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