Phoebe the Elephant

I think the Melly and Me patterns are so wonderful and… well they are just so darn cute.  I’ve ordered some here and there, every so often that now I have built up quite a collection of them.  The first one I bought was the Magoo the Monkey, but yet I’ve been afraid to make him or any of his other wonderful friends in fear that I wouldn’t do them justice.

This August we welcomed Anders into our small group.  Jolene (Joey) and Justin were the proud parents of this funny little boy.  However, recently Anders has been suffering from some unknown health issues and spent some time in the Children’s Hospital.  Our small group decided that we were going to construct a care package for him and his parents.  We had a movie gift card, popcorn, some fun utensils and bibs (obviously for Anders), organic cleaner (just in case that was making him sick), tea and a stuffie for Anders.  I was in charge of the stuffie and I decided that Pheobe the Elephant would be the perfect one to try my hand at.

The pattern was wonderfully straight forward, with clear instructions and better yet there was a terrific tutorial on the Melly and Me blog about how to sew the curve on the legs, which helped for those of you who are like me who need to SEE what is actually going on.

I decided to try making it out of a flannel material and not a quilting cotton because I wanted it really soft for him.  NEVER use a flannel like material, either use straight flannel or the cotton.  I have had more problems making it based on my poor choice of material.  Silly material would fray and then I would lose my seam.

After some reinforcing of the seams and hand stitch fixing, Phoebe is finished and off to Anders.  I hope he like her.

Learned Today:

Be careful with the fabric that you pick, you never know when your choice might bite you on the rear end.



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2 responses to “Phoebe the Elephant

  1. she is sew cute, I would love her on my shelf 🙂 or to give to the next baby on my list

    • Jen

      Thanks Valerie. Let me know and I’ll show you the other wonderful patterns too. I know a great place in Edmonton that sells pretty much the WHOLE collection and will get them in for you if they don’t have them.

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