Happy Birthday Me.

Today is my birthday.  I like birthdays, always have.  I think they are the kind of thing that you need to celebrate.  I count down the days till my birthday once January 1st comes.  I count down everything to be honest.  Anyways, I also tell everyone I know.  Not because I want a present or to be wished a happy birthday, but because I am excited about it.  It usually means a party is somehow involved. 

Growing up we had week long affairs.  I would go out to dinner with my brother and Mom and sometimes my dad (if he was able to) the day of my brithday.  I would also then get to have a family birthday party with my Grandpa and cousins.  And then I would have some type of party with my friends.  I’ve been a big fan of the bowling brithday party for years and usually in costumes.  I’ve also done the rollerskating party and just having friends come over.  And on the days when there wasn’t a big party planned something little was happening too.  It was awesome. 

This year though, not much is planned.  I’m away with school things again so there just isn’t the time.  And next weekend there are other things going on.  So tonight Nate and I are having a nice dinner at my favorite resturant and on Saturday we are getting together with my parents and family to celebrate – which I am looking forward to (I asked for a 12.5 x 12.5 ruler).  I just wish I wasn’t going away for the next three days.

You know what I wish I could have though, if I had a themed party?  A SEWING PARTY!  Unfortunately though, not many friends of mine would be able to attend, as it is really not their thing. 

In my spare time though I’ve been cutting out all the pieces for my Figgy Pudding  Christmas quilt (yes, I am working on a Christmas quilt in March.  Why not that way it might get done in time).  Here are three of the blocks complete.  I think they look good.  The way they want the trees done, scares me a little bit, good thing they have instructions that are pictures.

And just because I like this picture, here is Molly and me on top of the mountain at Barrier Lake last summer on our hike.  (she climbed it better than me).



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8 responses to “Happy Birthday Me.

  1. Nat

    Happy birthday Jen! Hope you have a lovely evening with Nate!!

  2. Hi Jen, Happy Birthday…A Sewing Themed birthday Party would be perfect!! Count me in if you decide too..I hear ya my family birthdays were always fun when I was a child. Not too over the top but catching popcorn in our mouths come to mind. simpler times.
    My birthday is coming up too end of Month. Hey if you’re up to it Friday the 26 I’ll be heading to Red Deer for their quilt show if you had the day off, come, we’ll keep in touch. Sat March 27 is a community sew day out here in Chestermere and we will be working on charity quilts – if interested let me know. A day of sewing, bliss.
    Love the photo, sew cute!

    • Jen

      Thank you Valerie. I will let you know about a sewing themed party. I think it would be amazing. OOOOHHH, your a March birthday too? Excellent. I’ll let you know about the 26th for sure, I have to check the spring break calendar.

      I am very interested in the 27th. Let me check with Nate to see if anything is on our calendar. It sounds wonderful.
      I’ll let you know asap. Hope you had a nice weekend away.

  3. Nathan

    Happy birthday Sweetie. I hope you liked your evening, even with the squished dessert.

  4. jdpauls

    happy birthday to you
    happy birthdday to you
    happy birthday dear Jen-ny
    happy birthday to you.

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