Band Camp 0 – Jen 3

In case you don’t quite understand my title, I’m keeping score.  Band Camps ZERO! Jen THREE!  I’ve done three band camps in two months, with 3 different grades from 6-9, 118-128 kids, 11 very different parents, snow to mud, packed 9 buses (yep, I dragged myself underneath the bus and loaded percussion and luggage), strapped 60 kids into a giant swing, took 15 kids snowshoeing in the wilderness and we didn’t get lost; but we did fall all at least once, played the animal game 5 times, conducted 15 hours of music, sang along to three karaoke nights, and I AM STILL STANDING! Thats why I have 3 and they have NOTHING!

Though, they did take part of my energy and I think after this last one I am definitely getting sick.  I have a date with some ColdFX and NyQuil tonight.

How was band camp?  Good and exhausting.  This last one was a totally new experience for me.  It was with our grade 6s.  Many of them I discovered had never been away from their own home over night before.  It was terrifying for both them and many parents.  10 groups of parents asked me when they could drive out to camp and visit their children.  Really?  The older parents were thrilled to have them gone.  Weird.  Many kids called their parents any chance they got and were teary when they got off the phone.  I was also shocked to see how many didn’t know what to do with dishes after a meal, or what it meant to sweep the floor, or wipe down a table.  That was new to me.  But it was good, but I already miss the peach juice.

While I was at this camp, during my tiny down time (late at night when I couldn’t sleep – someone and I will not mention THEIR names snored like nothing else I’ve heard ) I finished my first block of the Tail Feathers BOM.

I really enjoyed working on it.  I think Natalie, the founder of Cinderberry Stitches, does a heck of a job with her instructions on all levels.  Her cutting requirements and block construction directions were so clear and added helpful hints along the way to make sure you were so successful.  The stitch and color guide is also very clear and easy to follow.  Though, the colors that she uses in her floss are meant to be used with the color scheme that matches the Figtree Patisserie line (which I was lucky to find).  If you were using a different fabric line you will most likely have to find floss that accompanies those colors.  I also began block number two, but I first have to figure out what a lazy daisy stitch is.

I’m so excited to get in the mail block 3, it should be coming in the next couple weeks.  Better pick up the pace with number two though.


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One response to “Band Camp 0 – Jen 3

  1. Nat

    cuteness! it all looks very intricate!

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