Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day to you!  You don’t know what Pi Day is?  Your kidding?  Thats ok, I didn’t know about it until last year myself.  I was teaching at a great school and my friend across the hall (a math teacher – yes, it is true I had a friend who taught math, it is a bit crazy I know) and on March 14 (3.14) he had a big celebration called Pi Day.  Little did I know it was a wide spread “holiday” among math people everywhere.

What is Pi Π (3.1415926…)?  Well it is the symbol the represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Anyways, back to my friend.  He would have a large celebration in his class, complete with pies to snack on and the reading Sir Cumference & the Dragon of Pi.

I saw him this morning at church and without fail I was wished a happy pi day.  I only wish I had some actual pie to eat, especially a lemon meringue pie.

Do you have a good Lemon meringue pie recipe that you would be willing to share with me?
I would love to hear from you.




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2 responses to “Happy Pi Day

  1. Nathan

    You could have made us a pie to celebrate. My favorites are lemon meringue and apple in case you were curious.

    • Jen

      I could have made a pie I suppose, but I don’t know a good Lemon Meringue recipe, besides wouldn’t it go against your new food manifesto?

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