Scissor Keeper

When my friend Anne took me to pick up my first sewing supplies (hand sewing needles, scissors, cutting mat, etc) I was very concerned my new scissors getting wrecked or dulled, so I kept them in their packages for a very long time.  It wasn’t until recently that I started to leave them out of the package.  Ever since that day I’ve been hunting tirelessly for some sort of keeper for them.  I tried making one that was a pattern by I think McCalls, but it wasn’t very good at all – didn’t even fit a normal size of scissors.  I was becoming more and more concerned about this.  I could find scissor keepers but they weren’t anything I would want to use – some were weird heart shape things.

While on the Quilt Retreat in February, one of the ladies, Valerie, had a neat scissor keeper that held three pairs of scissors.  I found out that she had made it.  It was so interesting.   She used a technique she called Chenille, which she features on her blog in her Chenille tutorial. I thought the keeper was so unique that I wanted to try one myself.  She had mentioned in her tutorial that she would be working on a pattern and selling it on her online store.  Since then I’ve been watching the store and noticed last week or so that she was offering it as a pattern as well as a kit complete with the silks that she specializes in.

This week, on and off, between things I’ve been working on it.  The pattern included some great images of the steps and the online tutorial gave you some added steps on the process in case you needed it – as I did because I wasn’t sure where to put the stiff interfacing or if I even needed it – I did because I was using the silk included in the kit.  If you decide to make one, I’m going to suggest that when you put the square into the dryer to do the chenille process that you make sure that you have other things in the dryer with it.  I actually dried mine twice, the first time just didn’t produce a very chenille like square – didn’t have enough things in there to help the process along.  Towels work great and so does your socks and unmentionables.

After the chenille process you have to manipulate your square to create the side pockets and then hand stitch them into place, then you get to decorate.  I used running stitches along the tops and sides, a herringbone stitch down the front and cross stitches along the bottom – that was of course after many trials with different stitches.

I really enjoyed making it and am very glad that my scissors now have a place to be 🙂


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