Ok, I need your help.  I decided to enter the Snickerdoodle Dreams’ “Best Friends Bag Swap” and now I can’t chose a good bag pattern to make for my swap partner.  I don’t receive my partner’s name until April, but I want to be a little bit prepared a head of time in case my partner lives far away and I would have to make it and get it into the mail ASAP.  If this sounds frantic and stressed than you are fully understanding the tone of this call out.

The theme this year is flowers/gardens.

When we entered we had to include details about our favorite colors, and I would want to honor my partners choices, but I am also worried about getting fabric on time in case I can’t find the exact thing in town.

But I need your help…what is your favorite bag pattern to make?  Please any type of detail would be greatly appreciated.




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2 responses to “HELP! PLEASE

    This a link of my site, where is some ideas and a free pattern too. I hope it will help

    • Jen

      Thank you so much for the link. I will totally check it out. I greatly appreciate you taking time to answer my question. All the best.

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