It has been sew long…

Hi everyone, 

It seems like it has been forever since I last wrote and upon checking when the last time I actually wrote something other than my weekly daybook, it has been a life time. 

What have I been doing you may ask?  Well, feel free to ask…Oh I’ll just tell you.  Everything, but sewing – so it seems anyways.  I haven’t actually touched my sewing machine or a needle since about March 16, which is very sad.  I’ve had things to do, but just haven’t had the time to do so.

On March 16 I finished my scissor keeper as well as the court house blocks for my figgy pudding quilt and all of the small Christmas trees,

but once I realized I ironed the big trees wrong I decided that was my sign to quit while I was ahead.  Since then, nothing.  But it isn’t like I haven’t been busy.  I took my grade 6 band to festival (all 140 of them – that is the small group) and they won an award, I had parent teacher interviews Thursday and Friday (I saw one person over two days), attended a cowboy funeral (it was wonderful actually), I cleaned, grcocery shopped, put my back into a spasm, had dinner with friends, dragged Nate to the book store to purchase a magazine (it was my way to celebrate National Quilt Day because I couldn’t sit at my machine with my back spasming), had church, more spasms, a dinner party at a mystery place on a card (long story) and have been out and busy every other night this week with something or other.  I might have some time tonight to sew which I would be thrilled with, since my Bible Block in not complete at all. 

Oh and in the mean time I found the perfect bag to make my swap partner and am now awaiting fabulous fabric from

Well, now you know where I’ve been.


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