I have a problem… her name is Molly!

Two years ago, during the May long weekend, Nate and I became the proud parents of Molly.

Since then, she has been a bringer of constant joy and hilarity into our lives. She is a bichon shih tzu mix with the sweetest disposition around, though she has always had a thing for acting bigger than she is – even going after toys that are bigger than her.

She doesn’t bark – unless there is an invisible bird in the yard

She cuddles with you during movies – unless she is too hot or finds your elbows too boney (Nate)

She can shake a paw, sit, lie down and roll over on command – that is if you are holding a goldfish cracker and not making her roll on anything other than carpet, hardwood will not do

She will wake you up in the morning with kisses, even if you don’t want it

She is a fashionista and loves sweaters and coats and struts around in them.

She enjoys working out with you – if you allow her to lick your head (Nate) or eat your hair (me) and get underneath your neck during situps and underneath you when doing pushups.

She will help you clean your plate or bowl – especially if it is ice cream, nachos and salsa, or popcorn

She will share her bone with you – even those really smelly ones

She will be your navigator on car trips – only if there is a centre consol

She will be your comforter if you need someone to be there when you cry – just a little and uncontrolably

She will hike a mountain with you

But will need a sleep immediately after you return home.

She is also a valuable help to me with my everyday living.

She will tell me when she thinks its time to get a better pair of shoes (runners or dress shoes)

She tells me when she thinks its time to buy a new pair of jeans, pajama pants or socks

She tells me when I should be looking for new ski gloves

– she decided to use each item as a chew toy, once or twice.  Nate would say she is reminding me not to leave some of those things around the house.

She also helps with my sewing.

She makes a bed out of my batting – a sign that if it is good enough for her it is good enough for the quilt

She helps arrange blocks in the best order possible.

She chews patterns and fabrics she doesn’t think I should be using.

She helps clean up my sewing room – taking and hiding bobbins, chewing little fabrics scraps, getting tangled in thread.

Why am I bringing this all up?  How could anyone have a problem with someone so cute?

Well it all started when we decided to take her to the doggie day care near my work.  You’re laughing aren’t you?  That was the same thing my family did too, laugh.  It was a preventative measure, how many things could I have chewed before we did something.  You see we are home all weekend, and she is on the go with us constantly and doesn’t get much rest; so Monday and Tuesday she sleeps.  By Wednesday/Thursday she is getting a little bit of cabin fever and looks for mischief – usually in the form of eating something of mine.  So to break up the week we take her so that during Thursday/Friday she will sleep again and nothing will have parts missing.

Anyways, I started taking her and after the second time there the lady in charge tells me Molly has gotten herself a boyfriend, a terrier names Wylie.  I am shocked and bothered by this.  She is too young I try to tell Nate, who is busy laughing at me as is everyone else I told.  Don’t you see the problem?  She is only two years old, that is too young to have a “friend” like that.  The trouble is, Molly is just so friendly, she will play with anyone – maybe I think this Wylie may not be good enough for my Molly.  But that was just the start of my trouble.  On Thursday after work I picked her up and she wasn’t in her normal place.  She was in a play pen with two other puppies.  I was immediately suspicious.  The lady told me then that Molly and Wylie had parted ways, I was relieved by this news, but worried Molly might not be, so I continued to listen.  And then I heard the horrible news, “Oh, Molly now has herself TWO BOYFRIENDS! Ruffus and Jerry, thats who she is with right now.”  My jaw hit the ground, my head began to spin.  Two?  You have to be kidding me.  That wasn’t how we raised her, what kind of message is this sending to the other puppies?  The lady then continued, it could only get worse, “She was all about Ruffus in the morning, playing with him, walking with him, but this afternoon she was giving him the cold shoulder and it became all about Jerry.”  By this time Molly is in my hands and I look down at the cute face staring at me, like she hasn’t done anything wrong.  Oh my word, have we raised a “puppy of the night” (Nate’s quote not mine)?

This is my problem.  Now what do I do?



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7 responses to “I have a problem… her name is Molly!

  1. LOL, you do have a flirty little muffin on your hands don’t you? Is she spade? Remember 2 in dog years is almost 20 in human years sooo, maybe let her date lol and see what happens 🙂
    Good luck Molly’s Mommy

    • Jen

      Thats what Nate said too, that in dog years she was maybe old enough for thinking about this sort of things. I disagree! Thank goodness she is spade, oh the thought of that….I think I need to find some chocolate.

  2. So so cute, my Miss Martha is very nearly the same except she’s three and no longer destroys things (thank goodness) and she doesn’t go to puppy day care as I’m home all day!! She also has her boyfriend at home, 12yr old cocker spaniel called Gus, whom she adores. Isn’t it good then that we are partners in the Snickerdoodle Bag Swap??? If you go to ‘pets’ in the labels on my blog, you will see her (please do she’s very cute!).
    Have a wonderful weekend Jen.

    • Jen

      HI LIZZY!
      I had a look at your Miss Martha. She is quite a character. I love the photo with her and Gus, her watching Gus from the chair arm and him sound asleep.
      I agree it is good that we are partners. I’ve been working on your bag over the weekend. Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

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  4. Joey

    oh my word Jen. too funny! I love the picture of her snoozing on the couch after her big adventures. I may have to keep Molly away from Bentley now…..

    • Jen

      I think keeping them apart might be the best for right now. It is Embarrassing everytime I go there, I just dread them telling me that she has someone new. I like that picture too. It is so funny.

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