Day Book #10


March 28, 2010

Outside My Window…

It is a beautiful spring day with the sun shining.  There is a bit of a wind though – perfect day to fly a kite.

I am thinking…

About all the projects I want to get done on my week off.

I am thankful for…

Afternoon tea, though I wish I had some crumpets and honey to go along with it.  Yummmmm.

From the kitchen…

Not much is happening.  Left over lasanga for supper maybe some popcorn for a treat later on.

I am wearing…

I just changed into my weekend attire and am loving it.

I am creating

My weeks plans.

I am going…

To have a

I am reading…

Nothing at the minute.  Do you have anything you could recommend?

I am hoping…

For a restful week.

I am hearing…

The wind howl outside.

Around the house…

Molly is lazing about – she spent the afternoon at the dog park.

One of my favorite things…

Cherry Nibs, they are sweet and delicious.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…

Sewing, sewing and more sewing – might take a tour with the girls to Cochrane to see their quilt store.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…



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2 responses to “Day Book #10

  1. Joey

    The book I am loving right now is a non-fiction called “Calm my anxious heart” It’s about contentment and it’s so good I already plan on reading it 10 times over. When you’re feeling a book like this I can lend it to ya.

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