Community Sew Day Update

On Saturday, the first official day of my spring break, I spent at the Chestermere Community Sew Day, an event that was hosted by the Lakeside Quilters Guild.  I mentioned it earlier this week here.  It was a charity event where the finished quilts will be given to Quilts of Valor.

Valerie, of pastimesonline, and I teamed up to complete the quilt top together.  Our first task was to create about 15 blocks of the nine patch.

Once we had done that and then decided which way to press the seams (open or to one side – we went with open for this one), we moved onto cutting out blocks into 4s.  We cut them down the centre, giving us a one full square and a 2″ strip.

Then we cut those two pieces into half again, giving us 4 smaller blocks.

Then came the tricky step, figuring out how we were going to organize our new blocks.  We tried many different combinations before we found one that we were happy with.

This is what we ended up with.  After lunch we put the blocks together into our rows and ended up with our finished top.

We have our borders started, but before you knew it the day was over and we packed up our gear and headed home.  I’m looking forward to getting together and finishing it.

Learned Today:

Double check your centre squares when mismatching a nine patch especially if I press them, I don’t always put them back they way they are suppose to  – sorry about that 🙂

PS. Happy Birthday VALERIE!  Hope it is an awesome day for you.



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6 responses to “Community Sew Day Update

  1. Lee

    hey i just found your blog todday. I was going to come to this sew in but needed a day of rest. I have contacted Valerie and think i will go Lakeside guild next week. might I meet/see you there?

    • Jen

      Hi Lee,
      I understand needing the day of rest, I took mine on Monday. I’m not a member of the guild, but was invited to the sew day. At this moment you won’t see me there as I have something else that evening, but if I can move things around I will be there. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Jen, you beat me to getting my blog posted, I’m shooting for tomorrow, thanks for sharing the day with me, and we sure did get a lot accomplished in the day – FAB!!!
    Both of you girls are welcome to come and check us out at one of our meeting and then if you feel so inclined, join.
    Thanks for my B-day wished, I truly had a FAB day!

    • Jen

      Sorry, didn’t mean to beat you to it. Just had just a nice day wanted to share it before I forgot details. Would love to get together sometime and get that thing done. Let me know what we can work out. Thanks for the invite, I’ll let you know about the guild.

  3. Hi Jen,

    I had a great time at our charity sew day too. Quilting and talking about books are my favorite things. Hope you had a great spring break and are glad to be back. We were busy every day but it kept my kids occupied so I’ll take my break another time. Hope you’re inside staying warm and out of the snow – yuck!

    • Jen

      Hi Danielle,
      Thanks for stopping by. It was so great to meet you and sew beside you. Spring break was good thank you, but never quite long enough. Hope you didn’t get too much snow in your part of town, I heard it was miserable over there.

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