My Worst Nightmare

Please note: this picture does not in any way do justice to how mangled the package was.

Has a package that looked like this (above) every made its way into YOUR mailbox?  Have you ever been handed one of these by your mail carrier?  Has it been handed to you by the worker in the post office?

Well this is what greeted me, in my mailbox, when I got home after a wonderful day in Cochrane with my friends.  I have been expecting some fabric from one of my favorite places.  I ordered it especially for my Snickerdoodle Dreams “Best Friends Forever Bag Swap” that is happening.  I was so careful in selecting a fabric that would be perfect for the bag pattern that I also ordered (and took equally long to select) and how it would be wonderful for the garden/flower theme.  As mentioned in a pervious post, I’ve been once again taking up the habit of stalking my mail box.  Today that mangled mess of red, white and blue was what greeted me.  I think it was the postal services message to me to stop having packages sent, I would think that they liked having something to do.  Maybe it was there way to tell me not to order fabric that had white as a main feature, since I can’t keep a white shirt clean either.  Maybe it was just a spot of bad luck.

Anyways, that was just the start of my saga.  After letting Molly outside to sunbath in the nice warming sun, I opened the package (hahaha – I’m laughing about this because there was barely a spot that wasn’t already opened) to find a wonderfully LARGE black smudge that ran along the fold of my white paisley cotton and chili pepper red cotton.  I could see that through the ripped plastic bag (seen above) that was the fabric’s protection.  I screamed, a girly high pitched scream, then repeated NO over and over again hoping that if I said it enough times the black smudge would disappear.  Molly was so concerned that she rushed in from her sun bathing and once she realized nothing was wrong for her she went back out…annoyed.

I didn’t know what to do at this point.  Wash it?  Tide to go it?  Try to get new fabric rushed in? My head was once again spinning.  After calling my husband, almost warn him that I would be in an annoyed mood, to tell him what happened, he suggested we wait until he got home and we could solve it together.  That was nice of him and all, but in my foggy head it needed to be solved ASAP!  So I reached for the Tide to Go stick and started at the Chili pepper red fabric.  I bought that one for myself to make a bag from so I though it would be ok to completely wreck it instead of wrecking completely the one for my swap bag.  I worked and worked and it started to lift out.  I decided then that it was time to move over to the white paisly like fabric and start on a small corner, it too was coming out.  I knew the only way to fully get it out was to wash it in the machine, but I wasn’t willing to do that, just wasn’t willing to loose any possible good material by having it unravel in the machine.  I got out my bottle of spray and wash, filled the sink with some water, put in some soap and found my gentle nail brush – the one Nate uses on his delicate office hands (his quote, not mine, in case you are concerned that I am picking on him).  Going to town on those smudges gave me some satisfaction because there was NO WAY they were going to win this war.  While I let them sit for a few moments in the sun, I went to print out my pattern, only to discover that my printer REFUSED to print it.  Once again desperate, I called Nate and asked him to print it if I emailed it to him.  You may be thinking that I call Nate at work all the time – I don’t, not usually.  Sometimes in crisis I will (this was a crisis to me) and other times to plead my case, but not every day or twice a day for that matter.  Once taken care of, I washed the fabric again – twice.  Now it is air drying and I have to look really hard for the black smudge.  Beat that USPS.

This set of fabric is for my swap bag partner.  The one of the left is the white paisley I’ve been scrubbing all afternoon.

This set of fabric is for me.  I was going to make one as a tester.

I truly hope that this NEVER happens to any of you.



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2 responses to “My Worst Nightmare

  1. Good for you, saving the fabric yourself and not giving it up for lost! But that shouldn’t have happened and you should probably let the place you ordered from know, even though it looks like they packaged things properly. And complain to the post office.

    I have had that happen, more than once. The worst was when I received a shred of torn brown paper with my address and some stamps on it — that should have been attatched to $260 worth of my daughter’s homeschool curriculum. Which the seller hadn’t insured, even though I’d paid for it.

    The tracking number was still attatched to the package, which was sitting in a dead letter office somewhere, but the post office couldn’t deliver it even when the seller and I provided them with the information and the complete list of contents. I was not a happy customer.

    • Jen

      Thanks for the comment Michelle. There was no way I was going to give up on that fabric it was too pretty. Thanks for the advice I let them know this morning and already complained to the postal service.

      Oh my word, that is horrible. All you got was a paper and stamps? That is unreal. Did you ever get the package or is it still sitting in the post office.

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