What is Bible Block?

Many of have asked me, “what exactly is Bible Block?”  That is a good question.  Well let me share with you a little more about this amazing gathering.

The last Sunday of each month a group of ladies get together at the Millarville Community Church, the home of Bible Block – ours anyways.  We then share some wonderful tea, goodies and time visiting with each other.  Once we’ve had our fill, Beth gets up and shares an amazing Bible story.  She is such a gifted story teller, I could listen to her for hours on end.  The Bible story she shares follows the theme of the year’s Bible Blocks.  As I mentioned before this year’s is God’s names in the Old Testament.  Once the story is finished and we are all left in awe of what we heard, Jan shares which quilt block will accompany the story.  The blocks name either symbolizes what was taught or in some instances is named after the place the story took place.

Block 1: Garden of Eden  

Name of God: Elohim

Story: Adam

Block 2: Abraham’s Victory

Name of God: El Elyon

Story: El Elyon

No picture of this block will be shown as it is not pretty right now…lets leave it at that.

Block 3: God’s Eye

Name of God: El Roi

Story: Hagar

Block 4: Four Patch Jacob’s Ladder

Name of God: El Shaddai

Story: Abraham/Isaac/Jacob

Block 5: Memorial Block

Name of God: I am Who I am (Jehovah)

Story: Moses

Block 6: Rock of Ages

Name of God: Jehovah Rapha

Story: Moses at Marah

Block 7: Smokehouse Block

Name of God: Jehovah Qadhosh

Story: Nadab and Abihu (Sons of Aaron)

Those are the blocks so far, we need two more to complete it as well as a bunch of the log cabins to fill in the spaces.

I hope that answered your questions about what Bible Block is.  You should see if a church around you is offering this great thing and maybe give it a try.



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2 responses to “What is Bible Block?

  1. Melissa Byerly

    Where did you get the patterns for these?

    • Jen

      Hi Melissa,

      You asked where I got the patterns for the Bible Blocks quilt.

      The leaders of the Bible Block group at the church where it is held create the pattern for the overall quilt which incorporates traditional blocks. Each month they give us the pattern to create the block (cutting instructions and assembly) and at the end of the program year they give us the assembly instructions to create the quilt for that year.

      The ladies who create the Bible Blocks I’m a part of meet in the summer with a theme for the program year. They talk about what Bible stories they will share over September-June and see if they can find a traditional quilting block that matches that theme. Then they work out a setting for those blocks.

      I hope that helps you out. If you have more questions please let me know.


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