Snickerdoodle Dreams “Best Friend Forever Bag Swap”


Goodness that was a long title.  Anyways its true I’m part of the Snickerdoodle Dreams Bag Swap.  And it has been wonderful and STRESSFUL at the same time.  Please don’t take any offense when I say that, I caused the STRESSFUL part by FREAKING out about the whole swap.  It is totally a self-inflicted stressful experience.

Why?  Well let me share with you and take a step into the goings on in my mind.  Hang on to your socks.

First of all, I still very much consider myself a BEGINNER sewist (this is an actual word – I looked it up), since I’ve only been doing it since August, (yes even though I’ve become obsessed with it).   And because I still consider myself a beginner I was afraid for the person who wound up with me, because I occasionally (at least once every time I sew) make mistakes or have imperfections. 

Secondly, I’ve never been part of a swap before.  I don’t know what is expected.  How much you contact the other person?  What you include in your swap parcel?  Do you include anything in your swap parcel?  How big should the parcel be?  Oh my head is still spinning on this one.  What a bother. 

Thirdly, what type of bag should I make?  It just says make a homemade bag.  That doesn’t really help me.  I scowered the internet for bag patterns that I liked.  I went through all the books I have (quite a few thanks to my brother at Christmas time).  I just wanted to make the right one, the perfect one for my swap partner.  I was even dreaming about the bags and which ones would be good. 

See what I mean when I turned this into a stressful experience? 

Then came worrying about the fabric I was going to choose.  I looked in all the stores in Calgary, but found nothing that struck me as, “this is it!”  Yes, I wait for that everytime, if it doesn’t happen, I leave it on the bolt. 

I’ve solved almost every one of these issues and have come to really enjoy the experience of a swap. 

I composed, no…I put together my swap bag one day while I was on Spring Break and am really happy with how it turned out.  I tried so hard to make sure I sewed every seam perfectly and to the best of my ability, I took some out that I was not happy with at all and put them pack into until I was.  I found the perfect fabric to go along with our Floral/Garden theme as well as a bag that fit the theme too.  I’ll share a little something about that later on, don’t want to wreck the surprise before hand, already gave a peek of the fabric.  I still don’t know what is exactly expected of me with the bag swap but I think I’m doing the right things. 

I’m hoping to put the package in the mail by Saturday at the latest.   

If you have any suggestions about my second point I would love to hear them.
Thanks for listening.



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3 responses to “Snickerdoodle Dreams “Best Friend Forever Bag Swap”

  1. I was so hoping to read some comments from those more experienced in swaps! I’m a relative beginner and would like to try a swap one day, but I’m overwhelmed with those same questions. And doubt – what if I’m not good enough yet? What if….

    • Jen

      Hi there. I’m still hopeful to get some comments about what to do in a swap. I’m going to check with some friends tomorrow at the guild to see what they would suggest. I’ll pass along what I find out. I feel your “what if” question pain. I decided just to jump in and try it. I looked at your blog, you sure don’t look like a beginner at all.

  2. Jen, don’t be worrying!!! Swapping is supposed to be fun not stressful!!!!!! Whatever you make I’m sure it will be wonderful (can’t wait to see it). I did worry over the first swap I did, exactly the same things that you are worrying over, please – don’t!! Just send whatever you would like to recieve! That’s what I stick to, I usally just put in things that I think my partner might like (makes reading blogs essential) and if I’m sending overseas I try to include a few little things from Australia! I have to stress though, I don’t spend heaps of money, that’s not what it’s about for me, it’s about the friendship and the element of surprise. Please just chill out, make a bag and put anything or nothing in it!!!
    Have a great weekend

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