Skillet 1, Right Hand 0

The day was Saturday.  I had spent a wonderful morning and afternoon at the Flying Needles Quilt Guild, a guild I now belong to.  Friends were joining us for a wonderful Ranch Style dinner thanks to the Pioneer Woman and a her awesome cook book.  Everything was going well, or so I thought.  Not once did I suspect that I would have a run in with a metal skillet and LOSE.

It all started in the evening.  Nate was kind enough to prep and put the pot roast in the oven for me while I was on the way home from the guild, just in case it needed a longer time to cook, we didn’t want to be eating at 9 pm. When I got home I peeled the potatoes for our creamy mashed potato dish, buttered and sprinkled a pinch of salt and rosemary on the rolls, and had Nate prepare his Caesar salad dressing.  Things were going so smoothly.  Too smoothly, I knew something was going to be up.  Alright I didn’t.  I usually have one thing go wrong at every dinner party.  I thought it would be the homemade ice cream because it decided to set overnight instead of staying a liquid.   Back to the story.  Our friends arrived and Nate and I were busy taking things out of the oven, plating them, mashing them, and mixing them.  The pot roast was perfect, the creamy mash potatoes were creamy, the salad was glistening in dressing – every lettuce leaf coated and the rolls were golden brown.  Then it happened.

My beautiful right hand had an accident.  Ok, I take that back, if there is one hand that is not beautiful it is my right hand. I have cut it (took the tip off my pointer finger using a mandolin slicer – still isn’t healed), scared it, pulled IVs out of it (and then scared it), and dried it out.  If any limb is nice it would be my feet and toes, seriously they are cute.

Alright I think they are cute. Anyways, I took my wonderful butter rosemary skillet rolls out of the oven and put them on a hot plate on the table.  When I was taking it to the table the skillet was so warm that it you could feel it through my gloves so I thought no one will be able to move this around the table because of the heat, so I’ll transfer them to a plate.  I climb up to a top shelf to reach a nice serving dish after I put the skillet back on the oven and removed my oven mitt.   I put the plate on the oven, grabbed the skillet and quickly ran to the bathroom for some cool water.  In case you are wondering no harm came to the rolls.  After the water I went back and finished dinner and ate with one of the ice packs on my hand.   I know I should not have put ice on it, but it was the only thing that felt better.

Here is a picture of my hand.  The circled areas are the ones that I burnt.

Anyways, I kept the ice on through dinner and ate with my left hand which was a feet in itself.  Nate served me but I refused to let him cut my meat.  We cleaned up and then played a game of Rock Band which is one of my favorite things.  I was vocals most of the night.  I tried once to play bass, but needed a rest.  I even tried to drum – that was a major mistake.  I was running to the bathroom every 5-10 minutes to put my hand under cool water because the ice packs were not cutting it anymore.

I knew sleeping was going to be quite a scene.  When it finally came time to try and sleep we tried everything that the online Mayo Clinic said to do.  But nothing was working well enough for me.  The only thing that was helpful was cool water in an ice cream bucket.  It was decided that we would rig up the sofa in the family room so that I could keep my hand in the bucket.  So on the sofa I slept with my right hand in an ice cream bucket that was on a phone book so it was high enough.  And to answer your question, I was fine because it wasn’t warm water, thank you.  By 3am I was able to take my hand out of the bucket and sleep.  I stayed on the sofa in case I needed the bucket.

Today, I’m doing better.  Only a couple places sting.  But I think I’m out of a couple activities for a while.

Learned Today:

I really need to use my pot holders.



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6 responses to “Skillet 1, Right Hand 0

  1. Oh Jen, I really feel for you, I did exactly the same thing a couple of years ago. We have a wood stove in the kitchen which we use all winter, stainless steel frypan (can’t remember what I was cooking) put it in the oven, took it out with glove/towel and put it on the stove top. Forgot that it was hot and grabbed the handle!! Blistered fingered and palm. I too slept on the couch with a towel wrapped around frozen peas in my hand!! Hope it feeling better soon, take care.

    • Jen

      Hi Lizzie. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has done this, but still I feel silly because I knew better. I didn’t think about peas and a towel. That is a good idea. We even had some. Thanks for the idea. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Okay, this is wierd. I popped in to the Flying Needles guild meeting on Saturday. Were you wearing a light blue/turquoise sweater/hoodie? If so, then I could have sworn at the moment that you looked familiar and now I know why, from your Modern Quilt Guild Avatar! I was the one with two little girls stealing treats off the back table for the 5 minutes I was there. I was sad to have to miss the meeting, did you enjoy it?

    Sorry to hear about the burn. Definitely done that before!

    • Jen

      Hi Cheryl,

      That was me in the white/turquoise thing at the Flying Needles guild. It was my first meeting. I know a few of the ladies from the Bible Block that they hold at the church and they invited me to join. Funny I thought that same thing…”where have seen her?” But I couldn’t place it, I knew I read your blog because I was talking about it with my husband, I think the name is cute.
      Sorry you didn’t get a chance to stay, but I guess with the two little girls that could make things interesting. How is your leg? I did enjoy my time thanks for asking.
      Take care.

  3. Hi Jenny, hope your hand is feeling better 🙂 That is too bad when I know how excited you were for your amazing dinner – it was amazing wasn’t it? I came home, went for dinner and prepped some sewing stuff for Sunday…been busy, hope you recover soon as you have so many projects on the go 🙂

    • Jen

      Hi Valerie,
      My hand is feeling much better thank you. Today it looks like my hand is just incredibly dry, and I could actually grip my flat iron and blow dryer. That was a major concern for me.
      The dinner was amazing. It all tasted so wonderful. I would do it again in a heart beat, but wearing oven mits the entire time. I wonder if I can construct a pair that has a string around them so I never misplace them. Like those little kid mittens.

      Did you get your kits put together like you wanted to on Sunday?

      Take care,

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