Tail Feathers Block 2

I’m a little bit behind on writing about this, but I figure it is never too late to share something you’ve created. 

As you know I am working on the Cinderberry Stitches Block of the Month called Tail Feathers.  If you click here this is a picture from the creator herself of what the quilt is supposed to look like when it is complete. 

This quilt is a combination of piecing and stitching.  I am loving every minute of it too.  I recently discovered that I can actually stitch in the car.  I know what you’re thinking, that crazy girl is stitching while she is driving.  No, not at all.  When Nate and I go on road trips to Lethbridge or Edmonton I usually have to sit and listen to the music and/or visit with Nate which is fine with me.  But sometimes I get fidgety and need to do something.  I can’t read in the car because I get some serious headaches.  I am able to play video games, but I don’t have one of those fabulous portable systems.  I can’t seem to convince Nate that I need one.  This Easter we made our way to Lethbridge to visit my Grandma and Grandpa and I decided I was going to try stitching while we were on the road, I can knit when we drive and I thought I might be able to do this.  I was very successful too, though I did run into some small problems for sure.  By the time we reached home again my left hand (the one I hold my work in) looked like a pin cushion and I did have to remove a couple of stitches because of the bumpy roads that we couldn’t avoid. 

Natalie, miss Cinderberry Stitches herself, shared on her blog in the FAQ section that when she stitched she used a Klipfast Frame to hold her work.  I have been using one of those hoop things and have not been enjoying it at all so I started the pursuit in finding one.  The Klipfast frames I was having difficultly finding because many would not ship to Canada.  There is something that is identical to it called a Q Snap Frame.  Which, until recently, have also been difficult to find.  However, if you are looking the are available in a Calgary store called My Sewing Room.  I was overjoyed to find it because my other option was trying to make one myself, actually have Nate make one for me and he was sure what clips we would use.

Essentially it is some PVC pipe with elbow joints to make a square and some PCV like material used to clip the fabric onto the square.

I LOVE IT.  I’ve never had such an easy time stitching either.  No more hoops for me.  You should try it. 

Anyways I finished block number 2. 

I’ve already begun working on block 3, though I noticed the other day that one of my mini blocks was not straight so I took it apart to fix it.  I figured it I was spending hours on hand stitching the designs then I might as well have it as perfect as I can. 

Learned Today:

I need to find some sort of protector for my left hand while I stitch so I don’t keep poking myself.  I don’t know if a thimble will cut it. 

PS.  those of you who are following the Molly saga and her escapades at daycare.

The new “friend”: his name is Enzo.  He is younger than Molly.  You can guess how happy I am.



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8 responses to “Tail Feathers Block 2

  1. Joey

    Very impressive Jen!! If this was one of the spiritual gifts on the inventory we did, you would have scored high in it. I love all the little details on it.

    • Jen

      Hey Joey, Funny enough it was my number 2 on the inventory we did. Music was my top followed by craftsmanship only 1 point difference.

  2. Jen, you’re stitching looks beautiful. I love that quilt, it’s just adorable. Molly’s ‘friend’ looks like a nice respectable boy!! LOL! Have a great weekend.

    • Jen

      Hey Lizzie,
      Thanks for saying that. I love the quilt too. I can’t wait to see it all come together. Oh, that picture is actually my lazy Molly. This Enzo character is some black terrier thing.

      Hope you have a nice weekend too.

  3. Denise

    Your stitching is beautiful!! I have recently fallen in love with this quilt. I too being from BC am having a hard time finding both the patterns and fabric. Do you have any advice??


    PS – Thanks for the info on the Q Snap. I’ll have to look for one when I’m in Calgary.

  4. Love love love your quilt! can you send me some places where I can buy that as well? I’m in Alberta and can only find the kit with fabric available on Australian sites 😦
    Thanks bunches 🙂

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