Nothing to do with Sewing, but everything to do with Teaching Junior Highs

Ok that is the longest title I have ever had, but it is true this post has nothing to do with sewing but to share a glimpse of what goes on in my life as a junior high teacher.

I currently teach grade junior high/middle school age kids and sometimes they have the funniest conversations with me.

“Mrs E.  where can I find a good wholesome, filling lunch around here for $4?”

I didn’t know the answer to this question at all, but offered him a couple of dollars to help, he declined my offer and said he would see what he could find and share with me later.

“Mrs. E, you are a girl right?”

“Yes”  – said with a lot of hesitation

“Maybe you can help me then.  I like this boy.”

(she is in grade 5 by the way) “Ok” – once again said with hesitation.

“Well someone told him that I had a crush on him.  And now I don’t know what to do.”

“Ok, well do you like him still?

“Sort of, but not really.”

“Did you tell the blabbermouths that?”


“Did you go and talk to him about this and tell him that you didn’t like him anymore?”


“But he and the others don’t believe you?”

“Exactly, so what do I do?”

“Well you could try to avoid him I guess.”

“That would be great if I could, but he is my seat partner on the bus.”

“Oh that is a bit of a pickle.”

“I know, I told you that, so now what.”

“If you want to still be his friend, you could act like nothing is different and just move on.  What do you think?”

“Thanks Mrs. E.  I’ll try that and let you know.”

Apparently, that is going rather swimmingly.

“Mrs. E, I need your advice on something.”

“Ok, shoot.”

“I like this girl, but she is in a grade below me and my friends are making fun of me – but I don’t care about that, here is what I want to know. I would like to get her a little present to show her I like her.  What should I get her?”

Or others like….

“Mrs. E.  how do you get your hair to be so big?”

“How can I too have the music flow through me into the hearts of others” – this boy was in grade 5 and as tall as a gnome it was hilarious.

Everyday something new.  It is quite an adventure.


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