Best Friends Forever Bag Swap… an update

Good Morning everyone, and for some this morning isn’t really good.  We had a snow storm starting yesterday morning which started with pelting rain and turned into heavy heavy snow.  We now have about 10 cm on the ground and it is the heavy slushy stuff.   What a treat for the second last day in April.

Anyways, I’ve actually been waiting to post this, well, post for a while now.  Back in March I signed up for the Snickerdoodle Dreams Best Friends Forever Bag Swap.  We got our swap partner in April and I sent through air mail to Australia a little while ago.  I’ve been waiting to share what I made until my partner Lizzie got her package.

Lizzie lives in a village in Australia and has a wonderful blog called  A House in the Country. She shares her wonderful projects and her incredible garden which I am incredibly in love with.

This is the bag I made Lizzie.  The pattern is from Sew Spoiled and is called the Lady Bug Shoulder Bag and it is made with Bloom and Grow by Mind’s Eye.  The theme for the bag swap was flower/garden.  I thought I hit both sections of the theme well.  A Lady Bug bag, found in a garden and a flower type fabric.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow, except the handle.  The handle is made in one piece and you have to warp it around the side of the bag, make the handle the right length, wrap it around the other side of the bag, and make sure that the other side of the handle matches the first side.  I did the handle about 5 times before I got it matched and not twisted.

Inside the bag I filled it with goodies.

There were some fat 1/8 bundles.

A pincushion in the matching bag fabric and a matching wallet.

A Daily Bread pattern and an eye relief bag filled with flax seed, buckwheat and lavender.

I had a lot of making the bag and goodies inside as well as shopping for them too.



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5 responses to “Best Friends Forever Bag Swap… an update

  1. Thank you so much Jen for a wonderful swap, your parcel is well on it’s way but I obviously didn’t post as early as you. I’ve really enjoyed this swap and having you as my very generous partner. Did I say that I adore the fabric you used, gorgeous….
    Have a great weekend.

  2. it’s very pretty and summery!

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