What do you store your supplies in?

When I started sewing I went to a sewing class at My Sewing Room.  When I was going there I had no idea how I was going to lug all my supplies.  I had my scissors still in their packages, ziplock bags containing all my little pieces (needles, thread, pins), a Sobey’s reusable grocery bag, and another reusable bag to carry everything there.

When I got to my first class people’s supplies were in everything under the sun, tupperware, bags, wheelable cart things, and old school sewing baskets.  I didn’t know what to carry my stuff in, I just know what I was using wasn’t cutting it.  It was awkward and I kept bumping into things.

I tried the tupperware container too as seen in this picture … The container with the blue lid.

It was alright, but I couldn’t fit all the supplies I needed and the handle was so small that it made it challenging to carry around.  Especially when it decided to empty all over the rec centre floor in Chestermere.  That was enough.

On National Quilt Day Nate and I visited our local Chapters store to purchase a quilting magazine to commemorate the Day because I wasn’t able to sew at all that day.  While we were there we saw a beautiful basket and I started to image how beautiful all my sewing supplies would look in it.  I was telling Nate all about it as we wandered through the book isles.  And low and behold at the end of our shopping trip Nate presented me with my new sewing basket .  He bought it for me as a present.

Inside my basket I’ve included these wonderful tins that I found in the scrapbooking section of Michael’s Craft.

Here is my Miss Molly trying to get her face in the picture.  She is so silly.

I really enjoy my basket, it stores way more than my tupperware container including most of my rulers and projects.

So what do you store your supplies in?


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