Quilt Canada – the Merchant Mall

Last week Quilt Canada, which is a national juried quilt show, came to Calgary.  They also feature an invitational show inviting people to create quilts to showcase, they offer workshops, special exhibits, quest speakers (Mark Lipinski this year) and of course a merchant mall.

I had the opportunity to go see the show twice while it was here.  The first time I went I braved the horrible weather conditions which apparently stopped quite a few people.  My first stop was naturally the merchant mall, honestly I had birthday money I’d been saving just for the occassion.  I was hoping that The Quilt Patch from Moosejaw would be back because I fell in love with them when they were here at the Creative Stitches Show.  I was also hoping to see Hamel’s again and that they had their $1.99 fat quarters – they did!  The merchant mall is always interesting for me.  I enjoy seeing all the wonderful and colorful fabrics and the finished quilts, bags, etc that they make with those wonderful fabrics – which means they might have them in a kit 🙂  Some of the booths were so creative and well set up, others made it feel like I was in a can of sardines -yuck.  One booth I was very impressed with was Material Girls from Airdrie.  They had wonderful kits produced and packaged in the very clever ways.  Each package could be used for something else.  For example a fun table runner kit was package on a wooden serving dish with chop sticks.  How clever is that?

I found some wonderful kits, patterns and fabrics.  There seemed to be a real emphasis on baby quilts at the merchant mall and since I have many friends and some family who are having babies my baby shower gift shopping was done all right there, now I just have to get down to work.


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