Quilt Canada

I know I’m a bit behind schedule on this Quilt Canada review, but to my defense it has been a very busy week – alright that is more of an excuse but nevertheless.

I went twice to Quilt Canada.  I went the first time by myself and enjoyed shopping the merchant mall more than I did browsing through the quilts that were on display.  I have another post devoted to the Merchant mall and my finds so please stay tuned.

The first day I was there and browsing through the quilts I was surprised to see all that I saw, because it was my first show like this I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  There were quite a few of the Baltimore Style quilt – which is not exactly my taste at all – but the amount of work that went into them was crazy incredible.  I was drawn more to the art quilts myself.  But my first day there I just browsed through and didn’t look in great detail except at the few that caught my eye.

Another day my friend Anne and I went down, once again hitting the merchant mall first before it got too busy (it was a bit tight in some places) and after lunch took our time inspecting each quilt that was on display.  As I mentioned a moment ago there were quite a few Baltimore style quilts.  There was one in particular that caught my eye.  It was on a rusty red background, was completely done by hand, the piecing and the quilting and it ONLY WON SECOND PLACE.  My question immediately to Anne was, “If this won second, what the heck won first?”  And so began my hunt through the juried quilts to find it, I didn’t.  I even asked volunteers where it could be, they didn’t know either.  Why would you not feature the first place quilt?  That bothered me a lot.  I have no pictures to show you of these because we weren’t allowed to take any.

We were allowed to take pictures of the ones that were invited to be shown.

My favorites were again the art quilts, they were incredible and I would love to learn how to do that.  It is such a neat idea.

This was one of my favorite ones.  This Sunflower was so beautiful and I loved the bead detail as the roots.

There was some amazing ones at the SAQA booth.  This was my favorite there.

To view more of my favorites check them out on my FLICKR


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