I’ve been busy…Tail Feathers Block 3 and Baby Quilts

Hello everyone.  How are you all doing?  I’m very well thank you, but busy once again.  Next week is my final band concert(s) of this school year so we are full swing of organizing for them – which is a huge job in itself. 

I’ve also been busy with my sewing and reading the book for the book club I’m in.  I finished two quilt tops, baby quilts but still I finished something.

I made this one for my friends Pat and Christy whose new baby boy Darius just entered the world.

This is called the Allen Baby Quilt and it was a quilt kit and I mean KIT (fabric for top, binding, sashing, batting and backing) from Earthly Goods in Edmonton which I found at Quilt Canada this year.  Aren’t the fabrics so fun?

This quilt went together so quickly.  I probably did it in about an hour with cutting and piecing.  I would definitely use this pattern again for a baby.  You only need 1/4 meter of 5 different fabrics and I can’t remember the sashing amount right now, sorry.  I really liked the fact that you can really see the fun fabrics with this one because the rectangles are so big.  I’m in the midst of quilting it right now…literally it is under the needle in my machine.  I WANT TO BE DONE QUILTING IT THIS WEEKEND.  I’m using capital letters not because I’m angry but so when I look at this later I will remember that is my goal.  I’m using a fun variegated thread and quilting it in the shape of stars.  The back of this is a super fun Thomas the Train type blue in a minkie.  The stars are turning out so well on the back it looks like a star lit blue sky.

I also finished the top to my cousin and his wife’s baby quilt.  They are due in October so I have some time still, but I really enjoyed making the top that I just wanted to get in there and get going.  The pattern is called HOPSCOTCH and it is done by the ladies at the Quilt Patch. 

I used their flannel fat quarters to piece it and I have a wonderful polkadot minkie for the back.  And yes those are Molly’s paws you see at the top, she was testing out the softness, she got cozy on it so I guess it will be ok for the baby, after I wash it of course. 

And…I finished my third block of  TAIL FEATHERS BOM! 

The scalloped edges around the tree took a long time, but I’m really happy with the result.  This weekend I’m planning to get block 4 and 5 ready because the company I’m using for the BOM sent me both because they were away at market. 





1. Put Bible Block together (half square triangles…yuck)

2. Finish Darius’ quilt

3. Cut out next baby quilt …can’t tell you who because I want it to be surprise

4. Make the sundress

5. Cut out another secret project

6. Work on secret project that is already started

Long list hey?  Nate is away with the boys from Sherwood Park golfing so it is Molly and Me all weekend.  AWESOME!

Learned today:

Baby quilts have super fun fabrics that I wish I made them and kept them for myself.



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3 responses to “I’ve been busy…Tail Feathers Block 3 and Baby Quilts

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  2. Kristie

    What size is each rectangle in the Allen quilt?

  3. dee

    This looks cute..but would love to have information to make my own and a pic of finished product too.

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