So what did you do this weekend?

This weekend is the Victoria Day Long Weekend.  I always look forward to this weekend because deep down I know we are almost at summer.  For a school teachers it is the last long weekend before summer break.  Once you hit the long weekend you know you are on the home stretch.

As I mentioned earlier Nate and his friends headed out of town to golf and it was a Molly and Me Weekend.  It has been filled with SEWING, walks, a bit of cleaning, SEWING, garden centres, errands, and SEWING!!!  It has been a really fun time.  It was like my own quilt retreat, my very own quilt till you wilt…and to be honest there I have been quilting till I wilt every night.  I’m in heaven.  I also mentioned earlier that I had a to do list…a recap for those who missed it.


1. Put Bible Block together (half square triangles…yuck) DONE!

2. Finish Darius’ quilt DONE! The quilting, and binding put on.

3. Cut out next baby quilt …can’t tell you who because I want it to be surprise DONE!

4. Make the sundress NOT DONE YET.  Maybe that will be a tonight project.

5. Cut out another secret project. ALMOST DONE.  Just a couple more pieces to cut out.

This is a sneak peak at the fabric, that is all I am going to give you right now.

6. Work on secret project that is already started. DONE.  Now for the quilt sandwich.

I also finished tracing and piecing Block 4 and 5 for the Cinderberry stitches BOM and have cut out the applique pieces, just have to attach them to the blocks.  Maybe after my thoughts here I will get back to it.

While Nate has been away Molly and I have enjoyed Homemade Mac and Cheese and this evening we made homemade pizza.

We made the dough this morning after church and shaped it just before baking it.  The Pioneer Woman has a wonderful and easy pizza dough recipe in her cookbook, which if you haven’t gotten, you need to have it in your cupboard.

Here is what it looked like after it was baked…my very own 3 cheese pizza. It was wonderful and so delicious.

Molly has been wonderful over this long weekend.  We have had a really enjoyable time.  When I’m sewing she curls up on a purple blanket in my sewing room and keeps me company.  I’m looking forward to our last long weekend day…with knowing that in 25 teaching days we will have the summer to do this EVERYDAY!

Learned Today: Little circles suck to cut out.



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2 responses to “So what did you do this weekend?

  1. Nathan

    The stuff you completed this weekend is really well done. Also, your pizza was delicious (I had the last piece).

    • Jen

      Thanks Nate. I’m really pleased with all that I got done. I’m glad you liked my pizza, happy to share it with you and have you home.

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